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My Current Favorite Eye and Lip Liners | Makeup Wars

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This week's Makeup Wars is our favorite eye and lip liners and I'm about to share with the you the saddest, most motley crew of liners you have ever seen, from a beauty blogger. I've been working hard on purging old, crusty liners that hit the wall and were no longer usable and using up the good ones, before they go over. I am determined to not buy any new liners until I have worked through the rest of my inventory.

Feast your eyes on this lineup. Well loved, well used, solid performers that I depend on and would buy again, when I use these up.


So, why did these hang around as long as they have? Well, to be perfectly honest, I was enamored of my gel liners and using them, all of the time and these sat, a little neglected until my gel liners finally shrugged off this mortal coil.

Let's take a quick look at the eye liners, shall we?


Jesse's Girl Liquid Eye Liner. I'm not huge into liquid liner. Frankly, I suck at applying it and with my hooded eyes, it tends to transfer onto my hoods and it's just a mess.

Yeah. Kinda like that. What I do like about this liquid liner is how the fine brush tip works perfectly to fill in that "bare strip" in between my upper lash line and my tight line, to make my lashes look thicker and it doesn't smear or run. It's good stuff and so affordable. You can buy this liner at Rite Aid, too.

Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner. This is Moray, a beautiful olive green with a golden shimmer. This is the last of my Smudge Stick hoard and I'm really battling with myself to not buy more. The formula on these liners is nothing short of brilliant. These are creamy and smooth, apply like a dream and leave enough time for me to get them just as I want before they set, lock down and wear, without transferring or smudging until I clean them off.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil. This is a close second to my number one, close enough that I love it, almost as much. I have Stag, a nice, deep brown. It came with a palette, a while back and it's been rattling around, unused until I had to break into it and start using it after my espresso gel liner was gone. I'm really enjoying this shade! I wish that this shade was in their core line, when this one is gone, I'd buy another. There are plenty of shades to choose from, I'll find something I like.

Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon. Tight line magic, is this liner. When this snack size is gone, I'll be buying a full size because, damn.

L'Oreal Silkissime Eye Liner. This is Highlight, a lovely rose gold. This liner is another that just hung  around because I favored my Stila Smudge Stick in Champagne (a shade that tragically, they don't make, anymore) and when that one ran out, I started using this one. I like to wear a light, metallic eye liner, sometimes and this one works beautifully. It's a tad on the soft side but once I got the hang of the formula, it's easy enough to apply and like the Stila, sets and wears all day.

I don't always wear a nude liner in my lower waterline but when I do, it's the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Liner Pencil in Nude. This soft, flesh toned liner does the trick to help brighten up my eyes without being too harsh or obvious and it wears pretty well, too.

Yep. Except for a couple of snack sizes, this is the extent of my eye liner "collection." All liners that I like, all that I would happily buy, again.


And on to lip liners we go. I'm not one for coloured lip liner, most of the time but I do own a few, the two shown above are my most reached for and of course, every lipstick wearing beauty over thirty-five or so should have a good clear barrier pencil to prevent that annoying feathering that happens when our lipstick or gloss crawls up into those tiny, vertical lines around our lips and creates a fuzzy mess on our face.

Or is that just me?

Rimmel Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner. I have two, good old East End Snob, a neutral, medium pink that works with most of my lipsticks and glosses. I will apply this, after my barrier pencil and softly smudge it out along my lip line then apply lipstick over it. It's kind of a perfect, working shade for me. I also have Diva Red for those days I want to get all sassy pants with a red lip.

I'm not crazy enough to wear red without plenty of backup and this liner does a good job, along with...

Milani Anti Feathering Lip Liner. This little wonder is just about the best five bucks I've ever spent. Applied precisely just outside my lips' vermilion line and pressed to fill in those assholic little vertical lines, then topped with another coat to really seal everything in, I can wear just about any lip colour or gloss and not worry about feathering for hours. If it's a long day, I do have to reapply the barrier at some point but I don't mind doing it, to keep that clean, sharp line and not have my lippie crawling all over my face. I buy mine at my local CVS. How many have I blown through? Four? Five? I can't say for sure but I keep buying them. Five bucks, man. And they work.

So, there you have it. My current favorite eye liners and lip liners. I'm sorry that this wasn't a more exciting, high end eye candy fest. Come to think of it, it's a little like a Use It Up-fest. Real beauty. Real life. Yep.

What are some of your favorite eye and lip liners?

If you'd like to see what my fellow Makeup Wars bloggers are loving, right now the links and gallery are at the end of this post, just scroll past the picture below.


Fashion Flash - Summer Fun Version

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Color Clutch | The Nail Polish Case for Storage and Travel

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Whether you own a nail polish collection that can rival the best of the polish blogging goddesses or you prefer to possess a carefully curated collection of a few, perfect-for-you shades, storage of those nail lacquers can be a real issue.

I don't know about you but I like my polishes to be neatly tucked away, properly organized and easy to access. Whether I have a hankering to go stash diving for just the perfect polish to do my current manicure or I am planning to travel and want to pack up some polish colour options to take with, my Colour Clutch Nail Polish Case is just what the doctor ordered for safe, compact storage of some of my cherished polishes, at home and away.


Available in black, white and a special, limited edition purple Jamberry style, the Color Clutch is a sturdy, sleek... dare I say elegant, heavy duty paperboard case with a magnetically secured, swing up lid that has a flexible window for easy viewing of your pretties within. The case is a neat, compact 10 X 9 X 2 inches, about the dimensions of a good, thick book. The Color Clutch can sit on a shelf, lying down or upright, with the striped spine or the other, blank end showing. You can choose what is best for you and your needs.


When you lift the lid of the Color Clutch you will see a velvety topped dense foam bed with precisely engineered bottle shaped spaces cut into it. The spaces have a unique below the surface area at the top and bottom so that polish bottles of just about any size, length or shape can be easily and safely snuggled into their spot. One polish brand I can't get to fit, label facing up is Butter London. It's just a bit too wide but it can be slipped into a spot, standing on edge and is still secure and safe. The only polish size that, in my experience doesn't work in the Color Clutch are minis. They can go into the spaces, even be tucked in under the surface but they want to move around too much and they aren't that secure. Okay, I know what you're thinking and don't you dare even ask me about Christian Louboutin, you smartass. I don't own any of that brand and, well, duh.


A close up of the polish nests, holding polishes of various brands, both mainstream and indie. The bottles fit in nice and snug but they aren't squeezed so tight that they are in danger of the bottle failing under pressure. Once my polishes are properly secured, I can pick the Color Clutch up, turn it upside down and, lid swinging open, shake-shake-shake the case and my polishes do not fall out. Some shift slightly but not even one comes loose or is in any danger of falling and breaking.


 The Color Clutch has a very cool feature that makes choosing the exact polish you want, fast and easy. On the spine of each case is a white strip on which you can swatch each bottle, in order of their position inside the case. If you decide to rearrange, add or remove colours, the acetone safe material makes it easy to clean off old swatches and replace them with new.

My only gripe about the Color Clutch is that I can't afford to buy enough of them to house my entire polish collection. How splendid would it be, to have all of my polishes arranged by brand, collection and colour progression, all tucked safely away and lined up neatly on sturdy shelves, like rows of perfectly matching books, all at my fingertips? *sigh* Now, that's a neat freak's dream scenario!

Erika! Wake up! It's time to go to school!

I really like my Color Clutch Nail Polish Case and I have some cherished, very hard to find polishes that need safe storage who are going to live in it. Will I buy more? You bet your ass I will! As my budget allows, of course.

Do you own any Color Clutch cases? Please tell me that you love them as much as I do! If you think that you'd like to pick one or more up to help wrangle your polish collection into a neat, organized unit, you can find them on the Color Clutch website, and The Container Store.

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