Manis of Memory: Sinful Colors What's Your Name?

Hello gentle readers.

Today I have a mani of memory as my franken mani is still alive. ("It's alive! Alive! Muahahaha!") Okay. Shutting up, now.

This is Sinful Colors What's Your Name? Black jelly packed with fine teal shimmer that hides demurely away in indoor and dim light, leaving the polish looking plain black, then fires and starts to dance in sunlight. This was an easy polish to apply, it handled nicely and I didn't have a ton of clean up to do. A bonus for this sloppy as heck painter. lol I topped it with Seche, as usual.

I did a job on my left ring finger. Somehow I managed to gouge it right down to the nail while I was still painting my nails. I didn't want to clean off just that nail because I know myself well enough to know that I would have mucked up my entire manicure so I just started dumping drops of polish into the hole. I added a coat of polish and and extra coat of Seche and it was pretty hard to tell where I had injured my polish.

After taking photos I decided to cover the flawed spot with nail art decals. I liked the idea but I think that the colour of the decals I chose didn't go with the polish all that well. It still worked, well enough, tho. :D

Photo taken indoors, with flash. I think... You can really see the teal shimmer in this polish in this shot.

Taken outdoors without flash. My poor little camera couldn't capture the dancing scintillation of the shimmer in this polish. A shame, because it really can look quite magical.

Taken outdoors, no flash. With decal.

I really like this brand of polish. It is surprisingly good quality and there is a really wide range of colours types, including shimmers, cremes, glitters... Even flakies with glitter. And the price can't be beat. $1.99 at my local Walgreen's.

What do you think of What's Your name? Look like something you would pick up and wear?

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day. :D

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial day, everyone. I hope that you are all having a safe, happy and funtastic day. :D

To those who are serving and those who served and made the ultimate sacrifice so that we can breathe free, I say, Thank You. <3<3<3

Manis of Memory: Mannequin Hands of the Ugly

This is what happens when one puts entirely the wrong colour and tone polish on her nails. lol

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Iced Coffee. Now, this polish would probably look lovely on someone with the right skin tone. That someone isn't me. This shade was completely wrong for me and I only wore it the once. A friend saw it in a picture and fell in love with that colour so I sent it to her. I hope that she loves it and it works for her. :D

To be fair, I have to say that this polish applied beautifully. Smooth and easy, two coats to a glossy, shiny finish that was even nicer after Seche. I like the brush, it is one of the new wide brushes that Sally Hansen is now putting in their polishes and it really glided the stuff on very nicely.

In natural light through my window.

With flash... I think.

Definitely with flash.

Not a terrible colour. Just not the right colour for me.

Thanks for reading. :D

In Which I Post the Rest of My Freecycle Haul Swatches

Hello gentle readers.

Today I am posting the rest of my Freecycle haul polishes that I swatched and photographed. There were some polishes that were a cafe au lait colour that I already knew were bad and a couple that were in too bad shape to use and I didn't even bother to swatch them.

Let us begin with some of the worst polish I have ever had the misfortune to apply to my nails. Avon Speed Dry in Delicata. A salmon pink with frost and gold shimmer. This polish was made in 2004 (I could swear I have seen this shade name in much earlier incarnations of this brand) but it is a throwback to the early 90's. The formula is horrid. Difficult to apply, streaky and drags like a dog with an itchy ass. It never smoothed out, no matter how much I applied, bubbled like seltzer and didn't want to dry, in spite of the name. Horrid stuff that is going to be traded to Zoya or responsibly discarded.

With Flash. This polish actually photographed better than it looked in person. *shudder*

Natural light.

Moving on...

Santee by Joy Cosmetics. Or is is Joy Cosmetics by Santee? Who really gives a flying leap at a rolling doughnut? This is a US company that manufactured this polish in Korea. Seems to be some kind of post 911 tribute type thing... Maybe a fundraiser? The shade name is Silver Brown. And it is just that. Silver holo shimmer in a soft brown-rose base. This polish is packed with every baddie you can think of and it was purrrfect to apply. Like butter. Smooth, easy to control and just... In spite of my loathing of brown, I am half tempted to hang onto this stuff just because it was so easy to swatch. The sun didn't want to come out when I swatched this and the holo shimmer stayed buried. I may have to do this on a sunny day and show a new pic. It really is pretty in the sun.

Natural light, cloudy day. In fact, all natural light pics in this post were taken on that same cloudy day.

With flash. Why the heck do I like this stuff so much? :P

Next up is Revlon Vixen. Brownish Burgundy jelly/creme that needs at least three coats for opacity. First coat, it fought me... Streaking and dragging and acting like a recalcitrant two year old. Second coat, it began to become a bit more biddable. Third coat was perfect. Smooth, glossy and mad shiny, even without top coat. The bubbles are due to my vigorously shaking it, earlier that day because it was separated. I kept this one. :D

The sun actually peeked out for this picture.

With flash.

Say hello and goodbye to Petites by Scherer in Soda Fountain. Candy pink with a gold shimmer. I swatched this over Sally Hansen Xpress in White On! on my index finger which helped it look nominally better. But not a whole lot. This stuff streaked, applied unevenly, dragged it's self off if I went over it and just drove me nuts. And, call me crazy but I think that shit smells like bubble gum.

With flash.

Natural light.

And now, may I introduce Soda Fountain's baby brother. Unnamed. You may give it a name, if you like. I know what I called it... ^^ Anyhoo, it was a blue duochrome colour shifter. It likes to shift blue to blurple to grey, it is a slightly opalescent sheer that had some of the same problems that the pink sister had, including dragging it's self off with the next coat. It might be interesting in one coat as a sheer over a French. I am not going to adopt this one. I thought that this polish also smelled like candy. Maybe I was just imagining things.  Both of the Scherer polishes were easy to control and I didn't need to clean them up. A miracle, for me. lol

Natural light.

Flash. Three coats and it tried really hard to be opaque. Didn't quite get there.

And last but certainly not least is Avon Speed Dry in Juicy Plum. I like this. A lovely cool plum that applied easily and was opaque in three. I might have got it there in two, but I was lazy and swatched over another polish. This stuff dried mad shiny without top coat. I like it and it went into my little collection. My only gripe about this polish is the brush. *shudder* Talk about a real horror show! You will see the pic I took of it, below.
Natural light.

With flash.

The nasty, short, skimpy little brush. Blech!

So there you have it. The rest of my Freecycle haul. Thank you for reading and I hope that you enjoyed this post. :D

Oh, that colour on my thumb? The worst colour to ever hit my little digits. I'll go into more detail at a later date. :D

Mani of the Moment

Hello gentle readers. :D

My black and Hidden Treasure mani finally showed enough tip wear that I felt okay about cleaning it away and doing a new mani.

A while back I made my first polish franken. Nothing too exciting... I mixed some OPI Eiffel For This Color and OPI We'll Always Have Paris. I ended up with a pretty, deep burgundy jelly with a lovely hidden purple shimmer. It applied like a dream, tho, with my bad technique, it likes to pool on my cuticles a bit. (I blame myself, not the polish. lol) I love this colour, even more than I did the two polishes separately. And I loved them on their own. :D

I applied two easy, smooth coats and got a beautiful, opaque, smooth and glassy finish made even better by Seche. Which, sadly bubbled on a couple of my nails. Thanks to the dark colour, they don't show up too much. So I will let them live. lol

I took and am posting a lot of pics. Please forgive my smudged bottle and dullish nails... I moisturised before pictures. I got tired of taking shots of my dried out skin and cuticles. lol

Taken indoors, no flash. I love how shiny this polish is.

Outdoors in direct sun. See the purple shimmer? I just wish that it showed in indoor light, too.

A couple more sun pictures.

This polish is pretty but doesn't hold up super well to my frequent hand washing and housework and typing. But I'll enjoy it as long as it lives. lol

I still need to post the rest of my Freecycle swatches and I have some manis of the moment stashed away that I would like to post, as well. :D

Thank you for stopping by and I hope that you enjoyed the pictures.

Compare and Contrast

Hey there. I hope that you are all having a great day. :D

Today I want to post a couple of pics of a comparison swatch I did. The subjects were Orly Gumdrop and China Glaze For Audrey. I love both of these polishes. The colour just sparks my imagination and makes me happy. I bought For Audry before I picked up Gumdrop and if I had known just how close they really are, I might not have purchased Gumdrop.

Oh, who am I kidding? I wold have bought Gumdrop, anyway because I am greedy and wanted it. lol

While these polishes do look very similar, there are differences. Gumdrop is a little softer, more green and a tad warmer. For Audrey is a little more blue, with a greyed tone. It is cooler and a little more intense. These differences are easier to see in person. They look closer in pictures.

Which are here:

Orly Gumdrop on index and ring. For Audry on middle and pinkie. In light through my window.

Brighter natural light. I didn't keep a flash shot because flash washes out these white based cremes very badly.

If you are thinking about either one or both of these polishes, you could most likely get away with just one.

Giveaway Alert

Painted Lady Fingers is running a giveaway. She is offering some lovely products, including BB Couture polishes and lovely mineral eye shadows. Go check it out and if you haven't read her blog, give it a whirl. She has lovely nail and nature and animal photos.

Freecycle Swatches: Part One

A while back I put out a call on Freecycle for nail polish. A couple of kind ladies responded and gave me polish. :D I received quite a few bottles, some that are keepers, some that aren't. I hope to be able to use the not keepers as trade in bottles for the Zoya exchange. Budget permitting. :D

So, here are pics of some of the polishes I received with my feelings about them.

First up is Wet and Wild Crystalic. This is an old polish and I don't think it is even available, any more? This shade is Amethyst Frost. Like most frosts, it shows brush strokes like mad. It contains baddies, which I think contributed to it's ease of application and the fact that it was pretty easy to control. It is pretty enough but it isn't "me".

With flash.

Without flash.

Next up is Milani Pink Lady. Husband liked this colour. I don't know... It's another frost. I grew up in the era of the frost and to be honest, I don't care all that much for them, now. This is a soft, pretty pink but this was three coats and still showed VNL. Most likely not a keeper for me.

No flash.

With flash.

Our next guest is Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Makeup in Copper Chrome. This colour is more of a verdigris than a true copper but it is very shiny and has a... something about it that I just love. Remember what I said about frosts, earlier? Well, that doesn't apply, here. I like this. This was pretty easy to apply and control, there are some brush strokes but I don't really mind. I want to try this with black and with a matte top coat, some time. Yes, this is a keeper. :D

No flash, diffused cloudy day light through my window.

With flash.

With flash, as the sun happened to peek out and add to the shine.

Next is Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in Chocolate Minx. I wish this colour had been as delicious as the name. In it's favour, it was opaque in two coats and applied nicely. Probably because it is an older formula with a baddie in it. *shrugs*

In light through my window, no flash.

This is Sally Hansen Teflon Tuff in Openness Frost. A sheer bronzy rose with silver glitter. This was one coat. I wasn't excited about this... The glitter didn't do what I like glitter to do and it looked and felt "cheap". I tried to use this for a franken and well... Made a real mess of it. lol

No flash, in natural light.

Please say hello to Revlon Crystalline in Glossing. This is a soft, sheer gold that wouldn't become opaque in a thousand coats. But I think it could be pretty as a layering polish. Perhaps over red... :D

Natural light through my window. (Check out those stains... *blush*)

These are two yuk sheers that did not grab my attention in the least. On index and ring is Maybelline Wet Shine in I Scream Ivory. Very, very pale sheer creamy pink. On middle and pinkie is Rimmel French Manicure Colour and care in French Rose. I don't care for either. These were two coats and were still streaky and gloopy. Yuk.

Here is Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in Diamonds and Rubies. A red jelly that I wanted to love. This is four coats and still showed a lot of VNL. On the plus side it is mad shiny without top coat. But I am not willing to suffer through four coats and still have VNL every time I used this polish, so I ended up using it for a franken, which I need to swatch and photograph, soon. This colour is very close to Sinful Colors Go Go Girl. But the Sinful is a little more intense and opaque in three coats.

No flash, in light through my window.

And this is Revlon Firecracker. I don't know if I like this or not... It is a blue based red jelly with glitter. It applied nicely enough but it tends to feel rough and bumpy as it dries. I think I swatched this over the above Sally Hansen Diamonds and Rubies. (Somehow I lost a photo or two... I could swear I had photos of this alone and over the red polish. Oh well.)
No flash, in light through my window.

So, there you have it. Some of my Freecycle haul polishes.

 This was my first swatch post. :D

Current Nail Look

Okay, I know that Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure is getting a lot of attention, lately. Some positive and some quite negative. I have read raves and rants. Well, I am one of the ravers. I like this polish a lot. Funny thing is that it is a tad more expensive than Nubar 2010, a very similar polish. I grabbed the Sally Hansen rather than ordering the Nubar because it was right there and I didn't have to pay for shipping and then wait for it. If Nubar was readily available around here at retail, I would most likely have purchased the 2010.

This look is two coats China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base, (my current fave base coat) three coats China Glaze Liquid Leather and one thick, hefty coat of Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure. The result made me very happy. I decided to go with a thicker coat of flakies for a more solid, metallic look. And to even more fully enjoy that beautiful colour shift. :D

Picture taken indoors no flash.

Indoors with flash.

Outdoors, direct sun. No flash.

I tried to get a picture of the beautiful all over green shift but I just couldn't capture it well. But everyone who owns this polish already knows what it can do.

Thanks for stopping by. :D

Welcome To My Nail Parlour

Hello dear ones!

I have decided to create a special realm just for nail posts. I don't know that this will be an exciting, dynamic place to visit. I like polish and doing my nails and yapping about the process. However, I am the Queen of an impoverished realm and have a very limited budget with which to purchase pretties. lol So, I can't show all the latest and greatest. But I will do my best.

Okay, off to turn this into my own personal place, then I will begin. :D