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Manis of Memory: Sinful Colors What's Your Name?

Hello gentle readers. Today I have a mani of memory as my franken mani is still alive. ("It's alive! Alive! Muahahaha!") Okay. Shutting up, now. This is Sinful Colors What's Your Name? Black jelly packed with fine teal shimmer that hides demurely away in indoor and dim light, leaving the polish looking plain black, then fires and starts to dance in sunlight. This was an easy polish to apply, it handled nicely and I didn't have a ton of clean up to do. A bonus for this sloppy as heck painter. lol I topped it with Seche, as usual. I did a job on my left ring finger. Somehow I managed to gouge it right down to the nail while I was still painting my nails. I didn't want to clean off just that nail because I know myself well enough to know that I would have mucked up my entire manicure so I just started dumping drops of polish into the hole. I added a coat of polish and and extra coat of Seche and it was pretty hard to tell where I had injured my polish. A

Welcome To My Nail Parlour

Hello dear ones! I have decided to create a special realm just for nail posts. I don't know that this will be an exciting, dynamic place to visit. I like polish and doing my nails and yapping about the process. However, I am the Queen of an impoverished realm and have a very limited budget with which to purchase pretties. lol So, I can't show all the latest and greatest. But I will do my best. Okay, off to turn this into my own personal place, then I will begin. :D