Freecycle Swatches: Part One

A while back I put out a call on Freecycle for nail polish. A couple of kind ladies responded and gave me polish. :D I received quite a few bottles, some that are keepers, some that aren't. I hope to be able to use the not keepers as trade in bottles for the Zoya exchange. Budget permitting. :D

So, here are pics of some of the polishes I received with my feelings about them.

First up is Wet and Wild Crystalic. This is an old polish and I don't think it is even available, any more? This shade is Amethyst Frost. Like most frosts, it shows brush strokes like mad. It contains baddies, which I think contributed to it's ease of application and the fact that it was pretty easy to control. It is pretty enough but it isn't "me".

With flash.

Without flash.

Next up is Milani Pink Lady. Husband liked this colour. I don't know... It's another frost. I grew up in the era of the frost and to be honest, I don't care all that much for them, now. This is a soft, pretty pink but this was three coats and still showed VNL. Most likely not a keeper for me.

No flash.

With flash.

Our next guest is Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Makeup in Copper Chrome. This colour is more of a verdigris than a true copper but it is very shiny and has a... something about it that I just love. Remember what I said about frosts, earlier? Well, that doesn't apply, here. I like this. This was pretty easy to apply and control, there are some brush strokes but I don't really mind. I want to try this with black and with a matte top coat, some time. Yes, this is a keeper. :D

No flash, diffused cloudy day light through my window.

With flash.

With flash, as the sun happened to peek out and add to the shine.

Next is Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in Chocolate Minx. I wish this colour had been as delicious as the name. In it's favour, it was opaque in two coats and applied nicely. Probably because it is an older formula with a baddie in it. *shrugs*

In light through my window, no flash.

This is Sally Hansen Teflon Tuff in Openness Frost. A sheer bronzy rose with silver glitter. This was one coat. I wasn't excited about this... The glitter didn't do what I like glitter to do and it looked and felt "cheap". I tried to use this for a franken and well... Made a real mess of it. lol

No flash, in natural light.

Please say hello to Revlon Crystalline in Glossing. This is a soft, sheer gold that wouldn't become opaque in a thousand coats. But I think it could be pretty as a layering polish. Perhaps over red... :D

Natural light through my window. (Check out those stains... *blush*)

These are two yuk sheers that did not grab my attention in the least. On index and ring is Maybelline Wet Shine in I Scream Ivory. Very, very pale sheer creamy pink. On middle and pinkie is Rimmel French Manicure Colour and care in French Rose. I don't care for either. These were two coats and were still streaky and gloopy. Yuk.

Here is Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in Diamonds and Rubies. A red jelly that I wanted to love. This is four coats and still showed a lot of VNL. On the plus side it is mad shiny without top coat. But I am not willing to suffer through four coats and still have VNL every time I used this polish, so I ended up using it for a franken, which I need to swatch and photograph, soon. This colour is very close to Sinful Colors Go Go Girl. But the Sinful is a little more intense and opaque in three coats.

No flash, in light through my window.

And this is Revlon Firecracker. I don't know if I like this or not... It is a blue based red jelly with glitter. It applied nicely enough but it tends to feel rough and bumpy as it dries. I think I swatched this over the above Sally Hansen Diamonds and Rubies. (Somehow I lost a photo or two... I could swear I had photos of this alone and over the red polish. Oh well.)
No flash, in light through my window.

So, there you have it. Some of my Freecycle haul polishes.

 This was my first swatch post. :D