In Which I Post the Rest of My Freecycle Haul Swatches

Hello gentle readers.

Today I am posting the rest of my Freecycle haul polishes that I swatched and photographed. There were some polishes that were a cafe au lait colour that I already knew were bad and a couple that were in too bad shape to use and I didn't even bother to swatch them.

Let us begin with some of the worst polish I have ever had the misfortune to apply to my nails. Avon Speed Dry in Delicata. A salmon pink with frost and gold shimmer. This polish was made in 2004 (I could swear I have seen this shade name in much earlier incarnations of this brand) but it is a throwback to the early 90's. The formula is horrid. Difficult to apply, streaky and drags like a dog with an itchy ass. It never smoothed out, no matter how much I applied, bubbled like seltzer and didn't want to dry, in spite of the name. Horrid stuff that is going to be traded to Zoya or responsibly discarded.

With Flash. This polish actually photographed better than it looked in person. *shudder*

Natural light.

Moving on...

Santee by Joy Cosmetics. Or is is Joy Cosmetics by Santee? Who really gives a flying leap at a rolling doughnut? This is a US company that manufactured this polish in Korea. Seems to be some kind of post 911 tribute type thing... Maybe a fundraiser? The shade name is Silver Brown. And it is just that. Silver holo shimmer in a soft brown-rose base. This polish is packed with every baddie you can think of and it was purrrfect to apply. Like butter. Smooth, easy to control and just... In spite of my loathing of brown, I am half tempted to hang onto this stuff just because it was so easy to swatch. The sun didn't want to come out when I swatched this and the holo shimmer stayed buried. I may have to do this on a sunny day and show a new pic. It really is pretty in the sun.

Natural light, cloudy day. In fact, all natural light pics in this post were taken on that same cloudy day.

With flash. Why the heck do I like this stuff so much? :P

Next up is Revlon Vixen. Brownish Burgundy jelly/creme that needs at least three coats for opacity. First coat, it fought me... Streaking and dragging and acting like a recalcitrant two year old. Second coat, it began to become a bit more biddable. Third coat was perfect. Smooth, glossy and mad shiny, even without top coat. The bubbles are due to my vigorously shaking it, earlier that day because it was separated. I kept this one. :D

The sun actually peeked out for this picture.

With flash.

Say hello and goodbye to Petites by Scherer in Soda Fountain. Candy pink with a gold shimmer. I swatched this over Sally Hansen Xpress in White On! on my index finger which helped it look nominally better. But not a whole lot. This stuff streaked, applied unevenly, dragged it's self off if I went over it and just drove me nuts. And, call me crazy but I think that shit smells like bubble gum.

With flash.

Natural light.

And now, may I introduce Soda Fountain's baby brother. Unnamed. You may give it a name, if you like. I know what I called it... ^^ Anyhoo, it was a blue duochrome colour shifter. It likes to shift blue to blurple to grey, it is a slightly opalescent sheer that had some of the same problems that the pink sister had, including dragging it's self off with the next coat. It might be interesting in one coat as a sheer over a French. I am not going to adopt this one. I thought that this polish also smelled like candy. Maybe I was just imagining things.  Both of the Scherer polishes were easy to control and I didn't need to clean them up. A miracle, for me. lol

Natural light.

Flash. Three coats and it tried really hard to be opaque. Didn't quite get there.

And last but certainly not least is Avon Speed Dry in Juicy Plum. I like this. A lovely cool plum that applied easily and was opaque in three. I might have got it there in two, but I was lazy and swatched over another polish. This stuff dried mad shiny without top coat. I like it and it went into my little collection. My only gripe about this polish is the brush. *shudder* Talk about a real horror show! You will see the pic I took of it, below.
Natural light.

With flash.

The nasty, short, skimpy little brush. Blech!

So there you have it. The rest of my Freecycle haul. Thank you for reading and I hope that you enjoyed this post. :D

Oh, that colour on my thumb? The worst colour to ever hit my little digits. I'll go into more detail at a later date. :D