Mani of the Moment

Hello gentle readers. :D

My black and Hidden Treasure mani finally showed enough tip wear that I felt okay about cleaning it away and doing a new mani.

A while back I made my first polish franken. Nothing too exciting... I mixed some OPI Eiffel For This Color and OPI We'll Always Have Paris. I ended up with a pretty, deep burgundy jelly with a lovely hidden purple shimmer. It applied like a dream, tho, with my bad technique, it likes to pool on my cuticles a bit. (I blame myself, not the polish. lol) I love this colour, even more than I did the two polishes separately. And I loved them on their own. :D

I applied two easy, smooth coats and got a beautiful, opaque, smooth and glassy finish made even better by Seche. Which, sadly bubbled on a couple of my nails. Thanks to the dark colour, they don't show up too much. So I will let them live. lol

I took and am posting a lot of pics. Please forgive my smudged bottle and dullish nails... I moisturised before pictures. I got tired of taking shots of my dried out skin and cuticles. lol

Taken indoors, no flash. I love how shiny this polish is.

Outdoors in direct sun. See the purple shimmer? I just wish that it showed in indoor light, too.

A couple more sun pictures.

This polish is pretty but doesn't hold up super well to my frequent hand washing and housework and typing. But I'll enjoy it as long as it lives. lol

I still need to post the rest of my Freecycle swatches and I have some manis of the moment stashed away that I would like to post, as well. :D

Thank you for stopping by and I hope that you enjoyed the pictures.