Manis of Memory: Sinful Colors What's Your Name?

Hello gentle readers.

Today I have a mani of memory as my franken mani is still alive. ("It's alive! Alive! Muahahaha!") Okay. Shutting up, now.

This is Sinful Colors What's Your Name? Black jelly packed with fine teal shimmer that hides demurely away in indoor and dim light, leaving the polish looking plain black, then fires and starts to dance in sunlight. This was an easy polish to apply, it handled nicely and I didn't have a ton of clean up to do. A bonus for this sloppy as heck painter. lol I topped it with Seche, as usual.

I did a job on my left ring finger. Somehow I managed to gouge it right down to the nail while I was still painting my nails. I didn't want to clean off just that nail because I know myself well enough to know that I would have mucked up my entire manicure so I just started dumping drops of polish into the hole. I added a coat of polish and and extra coat of Seche and it was pretty hard to tell where I had injured my polish.

After taking photos I decided to cover the flawed spot with nail art decals. I liked the idea but I think that the colour of the decals I chose didn't go with the polish all that well. It still worked, well enough, tho. :D

Photo taken indoors, with flash. I think... You can really see the teal shimmer in this polish in this shot.

Taken outdoors without flash. My poor little camera couldn't capture the dancing scintillation of the shimmer in this polish. A shame, because it really can look quite magical.

Taken outdoors, no flash. With decal.

I really like this brand of polish. It is surprisingly good quality and there is a really wide range of colours types, including shimmers, cremes, glitters... Even flakies with glitter. And the price can't be beat. $1.99 at my local Walgreen's.

What do you think of What's Your name? Look like something you would pick up and wear?

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day. :D


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