Nail Stains

A kind commenter said that my nails don't look stained in the photo of my near bare nails I posted, yesterday. They are stained. I think that they benefited from the lighting and my less than stellar photography skillz. ;) lol

My nails are less stained than they used to be. And, call me crazy but I think it was because of a nail polish. Let me 'splain: One day I decided to try water marbling. (Hahahahaha!!!) And in preparation, I decided to lay down a nice, smooth base of white. I applied a coat of my usual base coat (China Glaze Strong Adhesion) and three coats of Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear in White Out!. I let it dry then tried to water marble.

I won't bore you with describing that disaster. lol But, the funny thing is, when I cleaned all the polish off my nails, they were cleaner and a good bit less stained than they were, when I began painting that day.

Was it the white polish? Did it somehow leach some of the stain from the surface of my nails? I don't know. I just know that is what happened. And now my nails are not as badly stained as they used to be.

Crazy, huh?

Because I am An Attention Whore...

Here is entry number two for today. :D ^^

My Manicure of the Moment is Sinful Colors Mint Apple. I like this polish a lot. The soft, ever so slightly greyed mint green with shimmer that fires under bright light in in the direct sun. Two smooth, easily applied coats for an opaque finish and clean up is a delight. Which is good, since I really flooded my poor cuticles, today. (I am the ultimate sloppy polisher! lol) I apologise in advance for the bubbles... It is hot today and my top coat was being a PITA and bubbled on me. I really dislike Out the Door. I can't wait to get a fresh bottle of Seche. *sigh*

Okay, shutting up and posting pics, now. :D

The first two were taken in indoor natural light through my living room window. No flash. The last three were in direct noon sun. No flash. Check out the lovely shimmer. And ignore the bubbles, please?

Thank you for dropping in and have a wonderful Summer day. Stay cool, girls. :D

The Naked Truth

Okay, first I need to begin this entry by saying how excited I am that I have fifty followers! I am so glad that you are coming in, and looking around. I am thinking of a giveaway to celebrate. Sometime next month. Due to budget constraints, it won't be huge but I want to show my appreciation for all of you. So, keep your pretty eyes peeled, girls. :D

So, it has been a while since I posted a nails pic, hasn't it? I have been busy and my bubbly, dog barf on a stick It's Up To Blue manicure really held up very well. It finally started chipping, yesterday and I pulled it off. I wore just a thick coat of base coat over my natural nails yesterday and last night, then did colour, today.

I thought, since I had them *almost* bare, I would take a pic of them in their natural form. This is the longest I have ever had all ten of my natural nails without benefit of enhancements. I am really enjoying them. I like this length and am functioning with it very nicely. I can still type and do my housework, so they can stay this length for now. I am not planning to grow them any longer. My nails are beginning to curl and I am not too crazy about that look for my own nails. (This is not, in any way a criticism of anyone who has long nails that curl. It is just how I feel about my own, personal, growing from my fingers nails.)

Breakage is inevitable. I know that it will happen, eventually. I already have patches on three nails on my right hand. Don't you just love tea bags and nail glue? :D But I wanted to get and post a shot of them before that happens and I have to file them all off and start over, again.

*Nearly* bare nails. They are wearing a coat of China Glaze Strong Adhesive Base. I can't leave my nails completely bare for any longer than it takes to clean off old polish and apply new. My nails are just too delicate and breakage and peel prone.

I tried to get my thumb in the picture by curling it up and around the bottle, but my camera focused on it and I had Giant Thumb. Not really something I wanted to keep or post. lol

So there you have it. My natural nails at this time. :D

My Very First Blog Award!

I was tagged by Jen at The Polish-Aholic to receive The Cherry on Top Blog Award. I am so touched. Thank you, Jen!

Here it is:

Eeep! <3

The instructions:

1. Thank the person who gave the award to you.
2. Copy the award and put it in your blog.
3. List three things which you love about yourself.

Hmmm... Number three... This isn't easy for me...

~~ I am extremely dependable and loyal.
~~ My hair grows fast.
~~ My wicked sense of humour.

4. Post a picture you love.

Most of my favourite photos are on my other computer and I haven't managed to get them to this one. But I went back into my other blog and found a photo I posted back in February. I love this photo for a few reasons. For one, getting this shot was pure serendipity. I just happened to be in my kitchen, loading my dishwasher and looked up and out the window to see two huge ravens in a tree on my neighbour's property. (A tree that sadly, just today had to be cut down. I assume it was diseased, since it didn't look very well, this Summer.) 

They were perched on a high branch and a little way below them was a large cat hungrily and steadily making her way up towards them. For some reason she got herself stick on a lower branch and couldn't figure out how to get herself any higher and thus any closer to her intended meal. (Yeah... Like that was going to happen... lol)

I managed to get my camera out and go to my back door while everyone was still in the tree, but as soon as I opened my back door to step out on my patio, one of the ravens took off. But the other one stuck around long enough for me to fire off a shot.

You can click to make it bigger. :D

5. Tag five people you wish to pass this award on to.

1~~ Brooke at Babbling Brooke
2~~ Dee at Deez Nailz
3~~ Megan Chair at Little Music Boxes
4~~ Diana at Painted Lady Fingers
5~~ Colette at My Simple Little Pleasures

Thank you again, Jen for this award. <3

Giveaway Alert!

The delightful Painted Lady Fingers is having a giveaway. Beautiful Nubar polishes to make any nail girl sit up and drool. Just look at all the Summer sunshiny goodness. And there is a cute little beach ball and files and Nubar floppers, too. (Which I seriously doubt, should I actually win would fit my big old gun boat feet! lolol)

Be a sport and if you haven't already, go check out her giveaway and while you are at it, enjoy her blog.
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Disclosure Policy

Okay, apparently I need one of these things. It is posted at the bottom of the page.

There, now I am following the rules. :D

Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble!!!

Some days it just isn't worth trying to do your frakking nails!


It took me almost an hour to remove all of that neon polish and those damned decals. I really need to get some stampnad type materials. Decals are officially on my suck list. Then, I had to do a little repair work... That took time because I have never done this, before. But with a little glue, a tea bag and a pair of scissors, I have the nails that I would have otherwise had to file way down and start over.

A corner on each thumb had peeled a little, I had a tear that I have been nursing along with glue, alone on my right bird finger, I think that the bit of tea bag will definitely help and I had a little tear on my right ring, just where the free white edge starts. I can see the repairs but they aren't glaringly obvious, so I can definitely live with them. I think that three coats of polish would do a better job making everything nice and smooth and prettier. :)

Thus the toil.

Now the bubbles. I did my mani with two coats of Orly It's Up To Blue. I thought that I love this polish... I am just not so sure, anymore. It bubbled like a sonofabitch on me, my top coat bubbled like crazy, I have a bald spot on my right ring finger and some VNL in the right light. And to top it off, I did a shit job painting my nails and they look like dog barf.

On a stick.

At least this polish is a dream to clean up! I made a right mess of it, polish all over the joint and I had it all cleaned up and shaped in no time, flat. :D

But I am too burned out and sick of mucking with them to redo them, tonight. Tomorrow or the next day will be soon enough.

And I really need a new bottle of Seche. This Out the Door shit is driving me over the edge.

I think it may be time to file my nails down a bit. My left middle is beginning to curl and while I like the length, they are getting more and more fragile. Hmmm... My right pinkie nail is also starting to curl... Definitely time to take them down a bit.

Another day.

Okay, to the pics of the yuk, as I am obligated to post the good, the bad and the ugly about my nails on my nail blog. ;) lol

My craptacular polish job in indoor light, no flash.

In outdoor early evening sun.

Right hand... Evening sun. Bubbles and repairs. And bald spots. A third coat would have helped... If not for the bubbles and stuff. Bah!

Now, I am under no illusion that I am a fabulous self manicurist. But I can and usually do a whole lot better than this. Blech! I will most likely get rid of this mess after I do all my housework and toilet scrubbing, tomorrow. This doesn't look like much, but it should be protective. lol

Manicure of Memory

French Manicures are a particular favourite of mine. Sadly, they are a huge pain in the posterior to apply and they tend to chip and peel pretty fast, too. But I still love them and do them when I am craving a polished, finished look but don't particularly want color on my nails.

This French was done a while back. I used French tip guide tapes and painted on two coats of Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear on White Out over a coat of my usual base coat and one coat of OPI Hearts and Tarts, my go to sheer for a French. I then removed the tapes and let my tips dry a little, then applied more Hearts and Tarts and a coat of Seche, then did my clean up. (Yes, I am a slob and had to do clean up, even on a French... lolol)

Funny enough, this mani lasted over a week with a couple of tiny tip touch-ups and a fresh coat or two of Seche. It looked almost as fresh and pretty the day I removed it because I was sick of it as it did the day I applied it.

Trust it to last like that, just because I thought it wouldn't. lol

Yepper, my nails really are that ridged. lol

Giveaway Alert!

Hear ye, hear ye! The loverly Brooke of Babbling Brooke is having a monster second blog Birthday Giveaway. Deets here!

Click the link, check it out and enter. And stick around to read her blog. I have been following her for a while and she has a terrific blog, informative and fun to read. :D

Guilding the Lily

Decals a go-go. :D

Photo taken with flash at night.

I am in the way of thinking that posts in this blog are a tad wordy... It is a bit if a shortcoming of mine. Being concise isn't a strong suit of mine. But perhaps it is time to lower my word count a bit? lolol

Ice Queen out. :D

Manicure of the Moment

Hello fellow nail polish royalty. How is everyone, today? I hope that you are all staying cool. :D

Today I have a new mani... One I knew better than to to. But I just don't seem to learn. This polish is one I hate with a purple passion yet I continue to try to make it work. Well, I did... This is the last time I will be wearing this stuff.

China Glaze Pink Voltage Neon. Polish from Hell. Seriously. This stuff is sheer, streaky, takes multiple coats and coats and coats. It takes forever to dry and it drives me insane. It has made me want to hurl the bottle every time I have used it. I finally, after reading blogs thought I could make it work well and easily. Oh! How deluded I was.

I applied a coat of China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base, two coats of Orly Ridge Filler Base. I thought that the white would give a better base to the neon. I let the base coats dry a while and then began painting on the pink.Four coats later...

I have bubbles galore that are just below the surface, like zits that don't quite want to break the surface. It is uneven and wavy. And taking forever to cure. I topped this with Out the Door top coat, since my Seche is toast. This top coat doesn't help at all. It is okay-ish but I am not thrilled with it.

This mani better last a few days. If I have to remove it before then and redo my nails I am going to have a meltdown of epic proportions and it won't be pretty. lolol I am thinking of adding decals. I like the neon pink but the surface could use a little hiding of flaws. Decals rock at that. :D

I used to love neon polish. Of course, this was many a year ago. Back when I went to a pro for acrylics and polish. She had to worry about the application. I just sat there, gossiped and walked away with perfect nails. Oh, how times have changed. And I think I am ready to give up on neons. There are plenty of beautiful polishes out there. I don't think I need neons, anymore.

So, pictures:

Indoor natural light through my window.


Direct sunlight. Check out the shimmer and the blue you see in the sun. :D

I like this colour and I want to love this polish. I think I have given it a more then fair chance. It will be sent in for trade in or responsibly disposed of. I am done with it.

Manicure of Memory

Orly Enchanted Forest. This was my first green polish. I wasn't too sure if I would like it until I applied it and I was hooked. This slightly murky, deep green creme applied easily and was opaque in two coats. I added a nail decal just for fun.

I Was Wrong!

Seriously wrong. I swore up and down that Orly La Playa is purple.

It isn't.

It is blue.

A dark, slightly dusty navy blue creme that applies beautifully, is perfectly opaque in two easy coats. If you are good at painting one thick coat, you might get away with one. I topped this with a coat of Seche. If you see a couple of bubbles, that isn't the polish, it is my Seche, it is super thick and gloopy and isn't thinning very well, any more. I think it is time to replace it.

La Playa is almost as shiny without top coat as it is with. But use top coat, all the same.

This polish like a lot of my Orlys tends to be a touch thick, and will probably benefit from a little thinning, one day. But it is lovely, right now. :D

Oh yeah, and for my messy painting sistahs, clean up is pretty easy with this polish, too. :D

Natural light through my window on a cloudy day. Yummy, yummy, yummy. <3

Also natural light through my window.

With flash. And lotion smudges. (Sorry...) Flash washes this colour out quite a bit.

With flash. So creamy smooth and shiny. I am in love with this polish. :D

And I apologise for my earlier post where I insisted that this polish is purple. I don't know what made me think it was... The light that day? The fact that I am one wildly cukoo bitch with weird eyes? I don't rightly know. If I caused anyone to fall in love, thinking it was purple, not blue, I am sorry.

You may come beat me into unconciousness with a wet spaghetti noodle, if you want to. lolol

A Little Bloggy Business...

Happy Caturday, gentle readers. :D

Okay, I think that I got all of my followers faved, followed and on my blogroll.

Remember, I said, "I think". You see, I clogged my faves list, then had a little difficulty with Blogger adding blogs, (it was being a snot about it, for some reason) and I may have missed someone. If I missed you, please leave me a comment with your url so that I can follow and add you to my blogroll.

Giveaway Alert!

The lovely Polish Aholic is is having a giveaway!  Go check it out, follow, enter. And read her blog, too.

Don't forget, now. :D

Swatch and Manicure of the Moment

A Good Summer evening, my gentle readers. I hope that everyone is managing to stay cool and not roast. It has been toasty, lately. :D

Today's offerings are brought to you by the colours red and blue.

First is Orly Star Spangled. Red jelly with lots of red glitter. I applied three coats over two coats of Orly Ridge Filler Base, as I felt I needed a more opaque starter and I was right. This polish, while very red and packed with glitter is a bit sheer. I imagine it would also be a lovely topper for a similar red creme. :D

I specifically bought this for my upcoming Fourth of July manis. I still need Orly Star of Bombay to go with it. I hope to grab that next time I am in Sally.

I like this polish. It applied easily, didn't fight me and was even easy to clean up. In photos, it doesn't look all that densely packed with glitter. But it is. *shrug* This is especially pretty in the direct sun. And, like most of the polishes I own, this one isn't nearly as pretty in pictures as it is in person. I swatched this with no top coat and it was plenty shiny and pretty. :D

Taken indoors with flash.

Indoors in natural light.

Outdoors in direct afternoon sun.

Next on the block we have Sally Hansen HD in Spectrum. A beautiful, slight colour shifting I would call foil. I was a tad disappointed in this polish. In the pic on the display in the store, this stuff looked like a holographic and I was all excited to finally get one.

Uh.. No. Not a holo, as far as I can tell. It is more like the metallic foil Orly Rage and it's silver or gold sisters. It does shift a bit, sometimes I see a little sea green and even flashes of purple. And in the sun... Scintillation. Application is pleasant, thanks to Sally Hansen's wide brush. It didn't drag much... I got a touch in a spot or two but it wasn't really a problem. I applied three coats over Orly Ridge Filler Base. I could have done four. Three is still a tad sheer. But VNL isn't obvious. I topped this with Seche.

This polish cleans up easily. (Important for a sloppy polisher like me...lolol) Would I buy this polish again? Or purchase it's sisters? If they were on sale and I had a coupon and a few extra quid to blow, probably. I will definitely keep wearing this polish, as it is pretty. I am not anticipating this mani lasting a long time. Just a few hours after application, I have already had to repair a small chip.

Would you like to see pictures?

Indoor natural light. It looks a tad "bumpy" but it really quite smooth.

With flash. Some of the pigments like to freak out my camera. lol

Outdoors in direct afternoon sun. I wish I could show you the scintillation in this stuff.

One more in the sun. :D

My I ask for some help from you polish goddesses? I need a very sparkly, glittery white polish to do my Fourth of July mani and I was hoping for some suggestions from you. I would prefer a drugstore brand, or something easy to find at a local small Sally Beauty. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. <3<3<3

Orly Swatches

Also, I am an idiot.

Seriously. I'll tell you why, in a bit.

First, to the swatches. I am sure that these have been swatched into oblivion, as has any polish I wish to show. I am always a ways behind the curve. But I am going to do it, anyway.

To begin, allow me to introduce Orly It's Up To Blue. This polish grabbed my attention in the store and wouldn't let it go. It is blue, in the bottle. A cerulean blue frost with duochrome pigments. On, it is much more teal, in person tho it photographed blue. It is mermaid-y, to me; shifting back and forth between blue and teal. It is a bit frosty and brush strokes do show a bit but I don't seem to mind that. I just love the colour.

The formula was pretty nice to work with and it cleans up easily. I needed three coats for a completely opaque finish. In the pics you will see some bubbling and other flaws, they are due to me sitting under an air vent while polishing. (Don't do that. Seriously. It really fouls with your polish.) I used some top coat, as I wanted to see if it smoothed some of my mistakes. It did, a little.

Taken indoors with natural sunlight through my window.

Indoors with flash. Those crazy pigments play tricks on my camera.

Outdoors in direct sun.

I like this polish a lot. It makes me want to go jump in a swimming pool. :D

Next up we have Orly La Playa. Now, here is where the "I am an idiot" thing comes into play. You see, i thought that this polish was navy blue. Yeah, I know. You see, it looked navy in a pic I saw of it a while back. And it looked navy in the store. Must have been the lighting. When I went to apply it, I realised that it is purple. Not navy. A beautiful deep, dusty purple creme that applies easily and smoothly and dries shiny, shiny. It looks a little bubbly... The air vent thing, again. And, I was getting finger fatigue and applied it over another swatch and it picked up on textural irregularities, so don't let them scare you. This polish is dynamite. Opaque in two coats, for me. And easy to clean up, too. :D

In natural light through my window. Look how shiny! This is without top coat.

Outdoors in direct sun.

So, there you have it, duckies. A couple of swatches. I have a few more to post and a couple to do, when I kill my current mani. Which I also need to post, don't I? :D

My Widdle Teeny Tiny Polish Stash

You are all a really bad influence on me. lol But I love it. :D

My polish stash has finally outgrown it's carousel and it continues to slowly expand. Time for new storage.

So, there it is, my widdle, teeny, tiny polish stash. :D

Feelin' Hot, Hot, Hot and a Mini Haul

Good afternoon, lovelies. I hope that you aren't roasted toasted and melted, today. It is a warm one in my neck of the woods, temps got into the mid 90's. Thankfully, the humidity hasn't come crashing in on us yet and there was a breeze, so it was okay to be out and about. Especially with the A/C on in the car. :D

I mentioned that we were out and about. Well, one of our stops was Sally and another was Walgreen's and you know what that means...

Polish. :D :D

I went into Sally looking for a couple of the Poolside colours, I wanted Flip Flop Fantasy and Pool Boy Toy but of course, those two were sold out and I wasn't really over the moon for any of the others. I would have snapped them up, if my budget weren't so tight but I have to be a little more selective about my choices, so I passed on the Poolside polishes. I didn't pass on some Orly, tho. I think I had blue on the brain, today because I grabbed two blue Orly polishes. I had my hot little hands on the metallics and Tiara, but decided to come back for them another time. At Walgreen's I snapped up a New Sally Hansen HD also in blue... And two Sinfuls, one purple and a glitter.

But, enough of the nattering. I am sure you want the picture.

So, here it is :D

From the left: Sinful Colors in Frenzy, a clear jelly packed with multicoloured and purple glitter and Daddy's Girl, a purple jelly with purple shimmer/glitter. (My first real purple polish!). Orly in Star Spangled, a red jelly with red glitter, It's Up To Blue, a duochrome, methinks in blue but can look sea green, too. (I can't wait to swatch this one!) And La Playa, a navy blue creme. It came with the most adorable mini Top to Bottom which I will likely not ever use because it is so danged cute. <3 <3 <3 And last but certainly not least, Sally Hansen HD in Spectrum.

While I was grabbing the Sally Hansen at Walgreen's, Husband was all over one in orange, so if it is still there next time I go in there, maybe I'll grab it. He seems to have an inate sense of what polishes will work for me. He has chosen some of my best colours, including my preciousssss An Affair in Red Square. Who knew? lol

My little teeny tiny polish collection has officially outgrown my current storage option. I have had all of my polishes on a carousel that was lacking horses. It has worked just fine... But I am now pooling bottles around the base. Time for a new storage option, methinks. :D

I should take pics of my little stash, shouldn't I? I should have the time, tomorrow. :D

So, that is it, for now. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading. And welcome!!! to my new followers! I have blogs to officially follow and add to my blogroll. Better get to it. My poor faves list is really, really long, right now. lol

Had to edit a name I got wrong and reduce the size of the picture. Guess a preview would have been a good idea. lol

Mani of the Moment: OPI Princesses Rule!

A good Caturday morning, ladies. I hope that you are all having a funtabulous weekend and staying cool. :D

Today's Mani of the Moment is OPI Princesses Rule!. A lovely sheer blue based pink with a gorgeous glass fleck. I use this polish a lot (as you can probably tell, by the level in the bottle) both on it's own and as a topper for other colours. Today I am wearing it on it's own. Two coats topped with Seche. I don't mind how sheer it is. The VNL doesn't bother me, with this shade and it is just opaque enough to camouflage the staining on my nails.

These shots were taken indoors in natural light through my window and outdoors in direct sun. I really wish that my camera could do this lovely, lovely, special polish justice. For anyone who doesn't have this, take my word for it, it is a hundred times prettier, more sparkly (without being obnoxious or over the top... Not that there is anything wrong with that ;)) shimmery and glimmery than I can capture.

I seriously need to get my hot little hands on another bottle or three before OPI gets a wild hair up their asses and discontinues this colour. If I couldn't get it, anymore, I would be heartbroken.

This mani came about because last night, I tried to do a mani with OPI An Affair in Red Square. Unfortunately I was sitting under an air vent and a fan was blowing and well... Things didn't go well. My normally impeccably well behaved OPI polish turned into a total termagant. It bubbled, streaked, dragged and drove me insane! Finally, after three thick coats and a whole lot of language that turned the air around me cobalt blue, I had ten decent looking nails. I got down to applying a nice coat of Seche to encourage drying and to further smooth my polish when it happened...

I moved my hand only to discover that somehow, I had got my right thumb nail stuck to my shirt and that nail was wrecked. Beyond any hope of repair. (I tried...) AAARRRRGH!!!!!!

I said "Fuck it!!", cleaned off all of my polish, applied a nice thick coat of China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base coat to protect my nails (I can't go even a few minutes with bare nails, much less overnight) and went to bed in a huff.

Some days, it just doesn't pay to try to do your nails.

And don't try to do your nails sitting under an air vent with a fan blowing. You will be nice and cool but your nails will look like the wreck of the Hesperus.


I have 28 followers, now. :D

I am behind on following and adding you to my blogroll. I do you all in my favourites and am reading, tho.

This is so cool. :D

May I Just Add...

I now have 23 followers!

Welcome and I am tickled that you are stopping in and taking a gander at my little blog. :D

I am tracking down your blogs and faving them. I am following and adding to my blogroll as I have time and Blogger cooperates.

Okay, bed time and I have to get some sleep.

Good night. :D

Manicure of Memory: Orly Lemonade and Decals a Go Go

Hello gentle readers. I hope that you had a lovely day.

I would like to share a mani I did a little while back. This is Orly Lemonade from their Sweet collection. I love this polish. Like most yellows, it is a bit of a diva to handle. It likes to get streaky, form bald spots, get gloopy as you go along and so forth. But, the colour is just so bright, sunny and happy that to me it is totally worth the work.

This mani is three coats. It was still a tad streaky after the third but a nice coat of Seche really smoothed it all out and made it lovely. After a day or so I decided to add a few flower decals to my left ring finger nail. Well, I shouldn't have been watching TV and mindlessly applying decals at the same time because by the time I started paying attention, I had way too many decals on my nail. lol

Anyhoodle, here it is:

Taken in indoor light, no flash. Look at all that chaos of decals. lol

With flash. The white base in these pastel cremes really washes out when my flash fires.

That nail would have looked so much nicer if I had stopped with the diagonal arc of three flowers. lol

Thank you for stopping by and have a good night. :D

Giveaway Alert

Friends, polish fanatics, bloggers... Lend me your ears.



Susie at Susie's Home and Hobbies is running a giveaway. She is offering some great goodies and the contest will remain open until she hits 500 followers. So, go check it out, read her entries, admire her pretty nails and spread the word. :D

Here is a pic of the goodies:

Mani of the Moment: Frostbite and Green Ocean

Hello there. :D

I did a new mani, today as my last one finally got a huge chip and I couldn't stand to look at it, any longer. Today's offering is two coats of China Glaze Frostbite and a coat of Sinful Colors Green Ocean topped with two coats of Seche. This is happy, shiny, blue and flakie/glitter fun.

Outdoors in direct late afternoon sun. As usual my poor photography skills fail to get just how pretty this stuff is.

With flash.

Indoors without flash.

Indoors without flash.

I always get a flakie or three on my skin beside my nails and for the life of me, I can't get rid of them. They become a part of me, like little flakie pets, or something.I have decided to embrace the random sparkle and not fret about it.

So, there you have it. My nails, today. :D

Thanks for stopping by.