Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble!!!

Some days it just isn't worth trying to do your frakking nails!


It took me almost an hour to remove all of that neon polish and those damned decals. I really need to get some stampnad type materials. Decals are officially on my suck list. Then, I had to do a little repair work... That took time because I have never done this, before. But with a little glue, a tea bag and a pair of scissors, I have the nails that I would have otherwise had to file way down and start over.

A corner on each thumb had peeled a little, I had a tear that I have been nursing along with glue, alone on my right bird finger, I think that the bit of tea bag will definitely help and I had a little tear on my right ring, just where the free white edge starts. I can see the repairs but they aren't glaringly obvious, so I can definitely live with them. I think that three coats of polish would do a better job making everything nice and smooth and prettier. :)

Thus the toil.

Now the bubbles. I did my mani with two coats of Orly It's Up To Blue. I thought that I love this polish... I am just not so sure, anymore. It bubbled like a sonofabitch on me, my top coat bubbled like crazy, I have a bald spot on my right ring finger and some VNL in the right light. And to top it off, I did a shit job painting my nails and they look like dog barf.

On a stick.

At least this polish is a dream to clean up! I made a right mess of it, polish all over the joint and I had it all cleaned up and shaped in no time, flat. :D

But I am too burned out and sick of mucking with them to redo them, tonight. Tomorrow or the next day will be soon enough.

And I really need a new bottle of Seche. This Out the Door shit is driving me over the edge.

I think it may be time to file my nails down a bit. My left middle is beginning to curl and while I like the length, they are getting more and more fragile. Hmmm... My right pinkie nail is also starting to curl... Definitely time to take them down a bit.

Another day.

Okay, to the pics of the yuk, as I am obligated to post the good, the bad and the ugly about my nails on my nail blog. ;) lol

My craptacular polish job in indoor light, no flash.

In outdoor early evening sun.

Right hand... Evening sun. Bubbles and repairs. And bald spots. A third coat would have helped... If not for the bubbles and stuff. Bah!

Now, I am under no illusion that I am a fabulous self manicurist. But I can and usually do a whole lot better than this. Blech! I will most likely get rid of this mess after I do all my housework and toilet scrubbing, tomorrow. This doesn't look like much, but it should be protective. lol


  1. Bubbling problems! I've been having lots of those lately and with all brands. I think it's the heat here in Phoenix. That color is beautiful, I think I'll have to get it.

  2. thanks for following me! I'm following you too now!! yay!!

    I really hate bubbling nail polish. do you think it was seche? or maybe it's the temperature?

  3. I think it is definitely the temperature, gals. I am also in Arizona, Desert Nails. I have noticed that polishing has become more difficult since it got warmer.

    It isn't Seche... In fact, I didn't use Seche on this mani. Out the Door. But my polish bubbled, too. Blech!

  4. Dog barf - on a stick. Seriously - I'm so stealing that.

  5. You're welcome to it, Draz. lol


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