Feelin' Hot, Hot, Hot and a Mini Haul

Good afternoon, lovelies. I hope that you aren't roasted toasted and melted, today. It is a warm one in my neck of the woods, temps got into the mid 90's. Thankfully, the humidity hasn't come crashing in on us yet and there was a breeze, so it was okay to be out and about. Especially with the A/C on in the car. :D

I mentioned that we were out and about. Well, one of our stops was Sally and another was Walgreen's and you know what that means...

Polish. :D :D

I went into Sally looking for a couple of the Poolside colours, I wanted Flip Flop Fantasy and Pool Boy Toy but of course, those two were sold out and I wasn't really over the moon for any of the others. I would have snapped them up, if my budget weren't so tight but I have to be a little more selective about my choices, so I passed on the Poolside polishes. I didn't pass on some Orly, tho. I think I had blue on the brain, today because I grabbed two blue Orly polishes. I had my hot little hands on the metallics and Tiara, but decided to come back for them another time. At Walgreen's I snapped up a New Sally Hansen HD also in blue... And two Sinfuls, one purple and a glitter.

But, enough of the nattering. I am sure you want the picture.

So, here it is :D

From the left: Sinful Colors in Frenzy, a clear jelly packed with multicoloured and purple glitter and Daddy's Girl, a purple jelly with purple shimmer/glitter. (My first real purple polish!). Orly in Star Spangled, a red jelly with red glitter, It's Up To Blue, a duochrome, methinks in blue but can look sea green, too. (I can't wait to swatch this one!) And La Playa, a navy blue creme. It came with the most adorable mini Top to Bottom which I will likely not ever use because it is so danged cute. <3 <3 <3 And last but certainly not least, Sally Hansen HD in Spectrum.

While I was grabbing the Sally Hansen at Walgreen's, Husband was all over one in orange, so if it is still there next time I go in there, maybe I'll grab it. He seems to have an inate sense of what polishes will work for me. He has chosen some of my best colours, including my preciousssss An Affair in Red Square. Who knew? lol

My little teeny tiny polish collection has officially outgrown my current storage option. I have had all of my polishes on a carousel that was lacking horses. It has worked just fine... But I am now pooling bottles around the base. Time for a new storage option, methinks. :D

I should take pics of my little stash, shouldn't I? I should have the time, tomorrow. :D

So, that is it, for now. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading. And welcome!!! to my new followers! I have blogs to officially follow and add to my blogroll. Better get to it. My poor faves list is really, really long, right now. lol

Had to edit a name I got wrong and reduce the size of the picture. Guess a preview would have been a good idea. lol