I Was Wrong!

Seriously wrong. I swore up and down that Orly La Playa is purple.

It isn't.

It is blue.

A dark, slightly dusty navy blue creme that applies beautifully, is perfectly opaque in two easy coats. If you are good at painting one thick coat, you might get away with one. I topped this with a coat of Seche. If you see a couple of bubbles, that isn't the polish, it is my Seche, it is super thick and gloopy and isn't thinning very well, any more. I think it is time to replace it.

La Playa is almost as shiny without top coat as it is with. But use top coat, all the same.

This polish like a lot of my Orlys tends to be a touch thick, and will probably benefit from a little thinning, one day. But it is lovely, right now. :D

Oh yeah, and for my messy painting sistahs, clean up is pretty easy with this polish, too. :D

Natural light through my window on a cloudy day. Yummy, yummy, yummy. <3

Also natural light through my window.

With flash. And lotion smudges. (Sorry...) Flash washes this colour out quite a bit.

With flash. So creamy smooth and shiny. I am in love with this polish. :D

And I apologise for my earlier post where I insisted that this polish is purple. I don't know what made me think it was... The light that day? The fact that I am one wildly cukoo bitch with weird eyes? I don't rightly know. If I caused anyone to fall in love, thinking it was purple, not blue, I am sorry.

You may come beat me into unconciousness with a wet spaghetti noodle, if you want to. lolol


  1. Oh, it's not purple after all? Ok (scratches it off list) Thanks for following up on this!

  2. *grabs the wet spaghetti noodle stores it safetly in the kitchen drawer*

    i think you don't necessarily have to trow your seche away- I've heard that if you add a bit (or even more?) from an new bottle of seche, it'll be as good as new, but I rarely use seche because a) it's ridicously pricy where i live and b) I've found my hg topcoat- sally hansen insta dry

  3. I like the blue, but yes, I was wrong about it being purple. *sigh* Need new eyes, I guess. lol


    I tried the add new Seche to old... Made the problem worse. And my Seche is now contaminated with glitter and it's time to kiss it goodbye. I'll pick up a fresh bottle, next time I'm at Sally. :D


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