Manicure of Memory: Orly Lemonade and Decals a Go Go

Hello gentle readers. I hope that you had a lovely day.

I would like to share a mani I did a little while back. This is Orly Lemonade from their Sweet collection. I love this polish. Like most yellows, it is a bit of a diva to handle. It likes to get streaky, form bald spots, get gloopy as you go along and so forth. But, the colour is just so bright, sunny and happy that to me it is totally worth the work.

This mani is three coats. It was still a tad streaky after the third but a nice coat of Seche really smoothed it all out and made it lovely. After a day or so I decided to add a few flower decals to my left ring finger nail. Well, I shouldn't have been watching TV and mindlessly applying decals at the same time because by the time I started paying attention, I had way too many decals on my nail. lol

Anyhoodle, here it is:

Taken in indoor light, no flash. Look at all that chaos of decals. lol

With flash. The white base in these pastel cremes really washes out when my flash fires.

That nail would have looked so much nicer if I had stopped with the diagonal arc of three flowers. lol

Thank you for stopping by and have a good night. :D