Manicure of Memory

French Manicures are a particular favourite of mine. Sadly, they are a huge pain in the posterior to apply and they tend to chip and peel pretty fast, too. But I still love them and do them when I am craving a polished, finished look but don't particularly want color on my nails.

This French was done a while back. I used French tip guide tapes and painted on two coats of Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear on White Out over a coat of my usual base coat and one coat of OPI Hearts and Tarts, my go to sheer for a French. I then removed the tapes and let my tips dry a little, then applied more Hearts and Tarts and a coat of Seche, then did my clean up. (Yes, I am a slob and had to do clean up, even on a French... lolol)

Funny enough, this mani lasted over a week with a couple of tiny tip touch-ups and a fresh coat or two of Seche. It looked almost as fresh and pretty the day I removed it because I was sick of it as it did the day I applied it.

Trust it to last like that, just because I thought it wouldn't. lol

Yepper, my nails really are that ridged. lol