Manicure of the Moment

Hello fellow nail polish royalty. How is everyone, today? I hope that you are all staying cool. :D

Today I have a new mani... One I knew better than to to. But I just don't seem to learn. This polish is one I hate with a purple passion yet I continue to try to make it work. Well, I did... This is the last time I will be wearing this stuff.

China Glaze Pink Voltage Neon. Polish from Hell. Seriously. This stuff is sheer, streaky, takes multiple coats and coats and coats. It takes forever to dry and it drives me insane. It has made me want to hurl the bottle every time I have used it. I finally, after reading blogs thought I could make it work well and easily. Oh! How deluded I was.

I applied a coat of China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base, two coats of Orly Ridge Filler Base. I thought that the white would give a better base to the neon. I let the base coats dry a while and then began painting on the pink.Four coats later...

I have bubbles galore that are just below the surface, like zits that don't quite want to break the surface. It is uneven and wavy. And taking forever to cure. I topped this with Out the Door top coat, since my Seche is toast. This top coat doesn't help at all. It is okay-ish but I am not thrilled with it.

This mani better last a few days. If I have to remove it before then and redo my nails I am going to have a meltdown of epic proportions and it won't be pretty. lolol I am thinking of adding decals. I like the neon pink but the surface could use a little hiding of flaws. Decals rock at that. :D

I used to love neon polish. Of course, this was many a year ago. Back when I went to a pro for acrylics and polish. She had to worry about the application. I just sat there, gossiped and walked away with perfect nails. Oh, how times have changed. And I think I am ready to give up on neons. There are plenty of beautiful polishes out there. I don't think I need neons, anymore.

So, pictures:

Indoor natural light through my window.


Direct sunlight. Check out the shimmer and the blue you see in the sun. :D

I like this colour and I want to love this polish. I think I have given it a more then fair chance. It will be sent in for trade in or responsibly disposed of. I am done with it.