Nail Stains

A kind commenter said that my nails don't look stained in the photo of my near bare nails I posted, yesterday. They are stained. I think that they benefited from the lighting and my less than stellar photography skillz. ;) lol

My nails are less stained than they used to be. And, call me crazy but I think it was because of a nail polish. Let me 'splain: One day I decided to try water marbling. (Hahahahaha!!!) And in preparation, I decided to lay down a nice, smooth base of white. I applied a coat of my usual base coat (China Glaze Strong Adhesion) and three coats of Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear in White Out!. I let it dry then tried to water marble.

I won't bore you with describing that disaster. lol But, the funny thing is, when I cleaned all the polish off my nails, they were cleaner and a good bit less stained than they were, when I began painting that day.

Was it the white polish? Did it somehow leach some of the stain from the surface of my nails? I don't know. I just know that is what happened. And now my nails are not as badly stained as they used to be.

Crazy, huh?