Orly Swatches

Also, I am an idiot.

Seriously. I'll tell you why, in a bit.

First, to the swatches. I am sure that these have been swatched into oblivion, as has any polish I wish to show. I am always a ways behind the curve. But I am going to do it, anyway.

To begin, allow me to introduce Orly It's Up To Blue. This polish grabbed my attention in the store and wouldn't let it go. It is blue, in the bottle. A cerulean blue frost with duochrome pigments. On, it is much more teal, in person tho it photographed blue. It is mermaid-y, to me; shifting back and forth between blue and teal. It is a bit frosty and brush strokes do show a bit but I don't seem to mind that. I just love the colour.

The formula was pretty nice to work with and it cleans up easily. I needed three coats for a completely opaque finish. In the pics you will see some bubbling and other flaws, they are due to me sitting under an air vent while polishing. (Don't do that. Seriously. It really fouls with your polish.) I used some top coat, as I wanted to see if it smoothed some of my mistakes. It did, a little.

Taken indoors with natural sunlight through my window.

Indoors with flash. Those crazy pigments play tricks on my camera.

Outdoors in direct sun.

I like this polish a lot. It makes me want to go jump in a swimming pool. :D

Next up we have Orly La Playa. Now, here is where the "I am an idiot" thing comes into play. You see, i thought that this polish was navy blue. Yeah, I know. You see, it looked navy in a pic I saw of it a while back. And it looked navy in the store. Must have been the lighting. When I went to apply it, I realised that it is purple. Not navy. A beautiful deep, dusty purple creme that applies easily and smoothly and dries shiny, shiny. It looks a little bubbly... The air vent thing, again. And, I was getting finger fatigue and applied it over another swatch and it picked up on textural irregularities, so don't let them scare you. This polish is dynamite. Opaque in two coats, for me. And easy to clean up, too. :D

In natural light through my window. Look how shiny! This is without top coat.

Outdoors in direct sun.

So, there you have it, duckies. A couple of swatches. I have a few more to post and a couple to do, when I kill my current mani. Which I also need to post, don't I? :D