Swatch and Manicure of the Moment

A Good Summer evening, my gentle readers. I hope that everyone is managing to stay cool and not roast. It has been toasty, lately. :D

Today's offerings are brought to you by the colours red and blue.

First is Orly Star Spangled. Red jelly with lots of red glitter. I applied three coats over two coats of Orly Ridge Filler Base, as I felt I needed a more opaque starter and I was right. This polish, while very red and packed with glitter is a bit sheer. I imagine it would also be a lovely topper for a similar red creme. :D

I specifically bought this for my upcoming Fourth of July manis. I still need Orly Star of Bombay to go with it. I hope to grab that next time I am in Sally.

I like this polish. It applied easily, didn't fight me and was even easy to clean up. In photos, it doesn't look all that densely packed with glitter. But it is. *shrug* This is especially pretty in the direct sun. And, like most of the polishes I own, this one isn't nearly as pretty in pictures as it is in person. I swatched this with no top coat and it was plenty shiny and pretty. :D

Taken indoors with flash.

Indoors in natural light.

Outdoors in direct afternoon sun.

Next on the block we have Sally Hansen HD in Spectrum. A beautiful, slight colour shifting I would call foil. I was a tad disappointed in this polish. In the pic on the display in the store, this stuff looked like a holographic and I was all excited to finally get one.

Uh.. No. Not a holo, as far as I can tell. It is more like the metallic foil Orly Rage and it's silver or gold sisters. It does shift a bit, sometimes I see a little sea green and even flashes of purple. And in the sun... Scintillation. Application is pleasant, thanks to Sally Hansen's wide brush. It didn't drag much... I got a touch in a spot or two but it wasn't really a problem. I applied three coats over Orly Ridge Filler Base. I could have done four. Three is still a tad sheer. But VNL isn't obvious. I topped this with Seche.

This polish cleans up easily. (Important for a sloppy polisher like me...lolol) Would I buy this polish again? Or purchase it's sisters? If they were on sale and I had a coupon and a few extra quid to blow, probably. I will definitely keep wearing this polish, as it is pretty. I am not anticipating this mani lasting a long time. Just a few hours after application, I have already had to repair a small chip.

Would you like to see pictures?

Indoor natural light. It looks a tad "bumpy" but it really quite smooth.

With flash. Some of the pigments like to freak out my camera. lol

Outdoors in direct afternoon sun. I wish I could show you the scintillation in this stuff.

One more in the sun. :D

My I ask for some help from you polish goddesses? I need a very sparkly, glittery white polish to do my Fourth of July mani and I was hoping for some suggestions from you. I would prefer a drugstore brand, or something easy to find at a local small Sally Beauty. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. <3<3<3

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  1. Both so very pretty. I love ORLY'S and need to get more.


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