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Manicure of the Moment: China Glaze Orange Knockout (Neon)

A good Wednesday afternoon, my little raindrops. It is a hot, humid day in my realm. Monsoon clouds are building and I am hoping for a cooling shower, later. Right about the time I hit the trails out at the lake, would be nice. :D Okay, then... Today I have China Glaze Orange Knockout (neon) to show you. This is one of the polishes I received in my prize package from Kris . This polish is a bright, bright orange. It is very sheer. I applied three thick coats and it isn't anywhere near opaque. This stuff couldn't be opaque if it wished on a star to be so. It really needs a coat of white under it to cover properly and really give off that neon glow. Sadly, the only white polish I own at present is Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear in White On and I like it not. It is too thick, gloopy, gloppy, streaky, bubbly and takes an eternity to dry. Now, that might be my fault... I have read the experiences of some gals who adore the stuff, so... *shrug* I like this colour. It is just the right

Manicure of the Moment: China Glaze Watermelon Rind

China Glaze Watermelon Rind. A lovely Summer colour. This green jelly is packed with green, blue and silver shimmer. It is pretty in normal light then when flash or direct sun hits it... Wow! Sparkle and shine and scintillation. This polish needs three coats to get it completely opaque. It handles nicely and luckily for me, is easy to clean up. I topped it with a coat of Seche. Photo taken in indoor light,no flash. This polish photographs more to the teal. In person it is green. Not teal. Indoors with flash. A few shots outdoors in direct sun. The Monsoon clouds parted long enough for me to get these pictures. Mighty accommodating of them, wouldn't you say? I filed my nails down a bit. They were getting a bit long for me. I think I like this length better. So, what do you think of Watermelon Rind? Do you own it? Do you love it? Are you now having wild cravings for ice cold, sweet, juicy watermelon? :D

Manicure of the Moment: OPI Bastille My Heart

Hello my lovelies. I hope that my fellow Americans had a terrific holiday weekend filled with fun, laughter, yummy grilled food and not tooo much adult liquid refreshment. And fireworks, of course! I have a fresh manicure to share with all of you. I wore bare nails under base coat for a couple of days after removing my 4th of July mani. Which, by the way, was easier to remove than I expected it to be. I didn't even have to do robo fingers. I was busy and didn't have a lot of time for nail painting, clean up and drying. But I had time, today. And I decided to wear one of my all time favourite nail colours, ever. OPI Bastille My Heart. From the Autumn 2008 France Collection. This polish is enchantingly lovely. It is a rich, blue based burgundy jelly with a hidden fuchsia shimmer that fires in flash and direct sun. The formula is gorgeous and easy for even this nail painting slob to handle. Yes, there was some cuticle flooding but I blame my polishing skills, not the polish. C

Every Heart Beats True for the Red, White and Blue

Unless it is this manicure. lol Not artistic persons such as myself have no business attempting art. Of any kind. Especially on our nails. I decided to try to make my Orly Star Spangled mani into a Fourth of July extravaganza. So, I applied French tip nails guides and did a coat of white to keep purple from becoming and then painted on two coats of China Glaze Frostbite for the blue. Removed the tapes and so far, so good. I applied a coat of Seche and did clean up. Then it was time for the white portion of this mani. I used a toothpick and Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear on White On and a toothpick to make the dots. Yikes! What a nightmare. The polish, which is thick and nasty, anyway turned into something resembling a cross between Elmer's glue and bricklayers mortar. My supposed to be pretty white dots ended up looking jacked up in the extreme. I decided to top everything with a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust. It kind of distracts the eye from the fact that my dots look like ass an