Every Heart Beats True for the Red, White and Blue

Unless it is this manicure. lol

Not artistic persons such as myself have no business attempting art. Of any kind. Especially on our nails. I decided to try to make my Orly Star Spangled mani into a Fourth of July extravaganza. So, I applied French tip nails guides and did a coat of white to keep purple from becoming and then painted on two coats of China Glaze Frostbite for the blue. Removed the tapes and so far, so good. I applied a coat of Seche and did clean up.

Then it was time for the white portion of this mani. I used a toothpick and Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear on White On and a toothpick to make the dots. Yikes! What a nightmare. The polish, which is thick and nasty, anyway turned into something resembling a cross between Elmer's glue and bricklayers mortar. My supposed to be pretty white dots ended up looking jacked up in the extreme. I decided to top everything with a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust. It kind of distracts the eye from the fact that my dots look like ass and the lovely holo glitter looks like the sparkling colours in fireworks.

I am not too happy with the result but I don't have time to clean it off and redo my nails so it is going to have to stay. There is so much polish on my nails that this manicure is taking a lifetime to dry. I can imagine just how much fun it is going to be to clean off in a couple of days. Maybe I'll just wear it until it wears off on it's own. lol

Taken indoors in natural light through my window, no flash.

Outdoors in direct noon sun. No flash. I love the holo sparkle of this polish.

A blurry shot to show the colours and more sparkle.

If you made it this far, may I offer a little eye cleansing? A reward, if you will for suffering through the first part of this post.

May I present my Little Orange Friend, my cat, Marley.

Click the kitteh to make him bigger and to better admire the handsomness of him. (But please, ignore the floppers behind him... I am ashamed to say I allowed them to be dropped and left there. *sigh*)

Have a great weekend, everyone and Happy Fourth of July to my American readers!


  1. such a cute little guy! I like the mani, festive and sparkly!


    Great mani!!!!

  3. and I love your kitty too!!! awww :)

  4. I totally love it - for realz.

  5. Thank you, gals.

    Marley thanks you, too. :D

  6. Hee... your mani is a lot cuter than you give yourself credit for!! Although I will say, you've figured out what I figured out last night- a holographic top coat can save a mani that is otherwise doomed to ickiness!

    I had a rainbow mani that just... failed, miserably. Then I got the bright idea to add a holo topcoat, and BAM, it's actually CUTE now! I'm stunned! I need to take pictures of it to show how cute it turned out!

    And your kitty!!! How GORGEOUS! I just wanna scoop him up and give him massive snuggles. Then, of course, I'd have to take antihistamines because I'm allergic to cats, but it's totally a welcome tradeoff.

  7. Aww, what a cutie :) I also had an orange kitty named Marley


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