Manicure of the Moment: Essence Colour and Go VIP Appeal

Hello all!

Please allow me to say, squeeee! I have 79 followers! I am inching closer to 100 and my first giveaway. *eeee!*

Okay. Now on to why I am here. To show off today's mani. I am wearing Essence Colour and Go in VIP Appeal. A coral creme. I think it is a creme? It behaves and looks kind of like a creme but it is also sheer and somewhat squishy, like a jelly. So, maybe it is a jelly/creme? Creme/jelly? Creme filled jelly doughnut? I mentioned that this polish is a bit sheer. I applied three generous coats over a base of Seche Clear and a coat of Orly Ridge Filling Base and I still have some VNL, at some angles and in some light. In natural light, this coral is pink based. In incandescent light, it goes a little more orange.

Honestly, when I first started applying this polish, I thought it was going to be a big, fat fail. My first coat was very sheer, streaky and uneven. I got to my second coat and it started to improve and by coat number three, it was smooth and nearly opaque. If I wanted perfect opacity, I could have done a fourth. Uh... No. Only on a rare occasion for a very spectacular polish will I go four coats. After a nice coat of Seche, this stuff leveled and smoothed out even more and looks super glossy. The brush in this teeny, tiny mini bottle was surprisingly nice. Dare I say... Almost as nice as an OPI brush? It made application, even for this sloppy polisher easy and fairly neat. Tho I still needed to do clean up. lol This polish also cleans up easily. It did get thick and gloopy as I worked with it and I will probably need to thin it a bit, before I use it, again. And I will use it, again.

Taken indoors, in natural light through my window. No flash. It is a cloudy day, so no sunshine pictures.

Taken indoors with flash. Boy does this colour ever wash out under flash. But, I like it. I need to find me a bottle of polish this colour. :D

I was a bit iffy about this colour when applying it. I wondered if I liked it and if it would suit me. After getting it all done and wearing it a while, I find that I do like it and I think that it does suit me. Especially with my lightly tanned skin. I will definitely go for more corals, in the future. :D

Thank you for stopping in. Have a terrific day and may your polish never bubble.