Manicure of the Moment: Mani In Progress?

Hello, fellow polish fans. I hope that your July is starting out great and that you aren't too roasted-toasted.

I have been having trouble with polish, lately. With the increasing heat and humidity, polish application has been a true pain in the hiney. Bubbles galore. Arrrgh! I actually wore bare nails with just clear base for a few days, due to frustration with colour. So, I had nothing to post. lol

Today, tho... I finally got a colour on my nails and miracle! It looks halfway decent and can stay. It may be part of my Fourth of July mani. Or this colour may just become my Fourth of July mani. I haven't decided, yet.

My nails are rocking Orly in Star Spangled.. I have swatched this colour but this is the first time I have worn it as a full manicure. I really like it. It is a red jelly packed with red glitter. It isn't a clone for China Glaze Ruby Pumps. The glitter in this polish is finer and not quite as dense. But boy, is it ever pretty. And, I am of the opinion that a girl can't have too many pretty, red glitter polishes. :D

This is two coats and is opaque in person, tho there is a little VNL in some of the photos. It was easy to apply, tho it did flood my cuticles a lot. I had a lot of clean up to do. (Probably mostly my own Happily, for a glitter, clean up was actually pretty easy. Good thing.

I thinned the living shit out of my old, gloopy Seche and managed to get a good coat of it on my nails. I need to get to Sally! And I would like a bottle of Star of Bombay to complete my mani for the Fourth.

Okay... On to the peechurs:

Taken indoors in natural light. No flash. This is the only indoor pic... I had a heck of a time getting a not blurry picture indoors, today. :p

The rest of these pics are outdoors, in direct afternoon sun. No flash. *sigh* I like this polish and I think that it doesn't photograph as pretty as it is in person.

Thanks for stopping by and remember, it is a bit wicked hot out there, girls. Try to stay cool. :D


  1. This is an absolutely fabulous mani on you! :D

  2. It IS wicked hot out!! And I've had a lot of trouble with bubbling, too. First I stopped painting my nails, then I switched to painting my nails in the mornings when I can squeeze it in and then switched to only using heavy glitter polishes. All to avoid bubbling. I found ChG Frostbite to be a great blue for a Fourth of July mani (just saying in case you already have it.) Star Spangled looks pretty on you.

  3. Heat sucks, man, give me snow any day! :D I like your mani, it matches mine!

  4. Thank you all for your kind words. I really like this colour.

    Desert Nails, I do own Frostbite. I might just give it a whirl, if I can't get Star of Bombay. Thanks for the suggestion! :D

  5. I'm not kidding - went to the store today trying my hardest to remember the name of this polish so I could look just like, yah...I didn't find it BUT I was thinking of you. Were your ears ringing?


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