Manicure of the Moment: OPI Bastille My Heart

Hello my lovelies. I hope that my fellow Americans had a terrific holiday weekend filled with fun, laughter, yummy grilled food and not tooo much adult liquid refreshment. And fireworks, of course!

I have a fresh manicure to share with all of you. I wore bare nails under base coat for a couple of days after removing my 4th of July mani. Which, by the way, was easier to remove than I expected it to be. I didn't even have to do robo fingers. I was busy and didn't have a lot of time for nail painting, clean up and drying. But I had time, today. And I decided to wear one of my all time favourite nail colours, ever.

OPI Bastille My Heart. From the Autumn 2008 France Collection. This polish is enchantingly lovely. It is a rich, blue based burgundy jelly with a hidden fuchsia shimmer that fires in flash and direct sun. The formula is gorgeous and easy for even this nail painting slob to handle. Yes, there was some cuticle flooding but I blame my polishing skills, not the polish. Clean up is a bit of a pain in the arse; this polish is pigmented stuff. But the finished look is worth a little effort and doesn't scare me away from wearing it.

I applied two coats and it is just about perfectly opaque. There is a little VNL in direct sun and it shows in some photographs, as well. I should probably have applied three but it was going on so well and I wasn't willing to push my luck on a third coat on a not great for doing nails day. Stupid heat and humidity, anyway. Why can't Mother Nature get it through her thick skull that this kind of weather makes us nail girls unhappy? I topped this manicure with a coat of Seche and boy, is it ever shiny.

I love this polish. I want to marry this polish. And I seriously need to get a back up bottle before OPI does something stupid like discontinuing it. If I don't and they do, I will be broken hearted.

Allrighty, then! How about some pictures? This polish photographs lighter than it is, in person. I wish I had the camera and skills to photograph my polishes true to colour. *sigh*

Indoor shot, taken in a dim room, natural light, no flash. I like that this shot shows the glossy, glossy finish but it is blurry because I had trouble with camera shake. I really need a tripod. :p

Taken indoors, with flash. See the fuschia shimmer? Sooo pretty. And it gives lovely dimension to what could be otherwise just another burgundy polish.

Outdoors in direct sun just after noon.

Another outdoor shot.

This one shows more shimmer. Sadly it also shows a little bald spot on the tip of my bird finger nail. Can't see it in person, tho. Guess that is a side effect of jelly polishes.

A macro shot of a nail. To show the shimmery goodness.

The bottle in direct sun. Don't you dig that shimmer?

Bwahahahaha! My "I wanna be in a magazine ad!" Shot. Yeah... No. Not with my hands... ;) lol

Do you own this polish? Do you love it? Have you dragged it off to Vegas and married it, yet? Have you fallen over laughing at my "polish model" shot?

I am test driving a new to me base coat. Seche Clear Base Coat. I'll run a photo and review after this manicure. :D

Have a lovely evening, everyone and stay cool, out there.


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