Manicure of the Moment: Sally Hansen Copper Chrome

Hi there, polish fanatics. :D

Today I have a paint job done in an old Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Makeup polish in Copper Chrome. The bottle colour is a rosy copper but the polish inside the bottle is a shiny verdigris. I kinda like it. :D I doubt that this polish is Big 3 free... But I am not too worried about it. It applied easily, two coats gave me perfect opacity. I could have possibly got there in one, were I better with a polish brush. I don't have perfectly smooth nails or technique so the finish is a bit uneven and imperfect. I am pretending that it is that way on purpose, that I am going for an antiqued, hand crafted kind of look.

I topped this polish with Seche and then decals I received from Viva La Nails. I like the delicate, subtle black roses against the bight, shiny polish. Sometimes I like my nail art to whisper, rather than shout. :) After my water decals were on and dry, I applied a last coat of Seche.

Now to see how long lasting this polish is. I am not expecting miracles. If I get a solid day or maybe two from it, I will be pleased enough. I probably won't want to wear this polish much longer than that, anyway.

All photos were taken in indoor light through my window. No sunshine pics, today. The Monsoon clouds are out in force, today.

I am growing so fond of water decals. They are so easy to use, remove in a flash and look like delicate, hand painted designs. :D

I now have two patched nails. *sigh* my right thumb, outer corner was starting to peel, so I slapped a tea bag and glue patch there to stop it then my right bird finger had a nasty crack along the white edge line. I applied a double layer patch, there. I applied one horizontally, wrapping it over and under my nail, then applied a second, vertically over the first. Then I let it all dry well and buffed it smooth with my glass file. I am getting better at patching. I can see the spots, but only because I know that they are there.

Good Grief! Do we really care that Lindsay is going to jail? Do news channels need to run hours of Lindsey's countdown to jail? Give me a frakking break! If the little idiot hadn't been driving under the influence, and if she had complied with the requirements of the Court, in the first place, she wouldn't have to go to jail. I don't feel sorry for her and I am sick of seeing coverage of her. Surely there is some real news happening, somewhere?

The nail art supplies were sent to me for consideration.