Hello there. Today I have swatch pictures for you. I took these a while back and since my Lemonade hasn't soured yet, I thought I would share.

My offering is Sinful Colors It's All About You. This is really pretty stuff, gentle readers. It is a clear jelly base packed with metallic glitter in gold, copper and bronze. Depending on the light, it also flashes red, yellow and green. It looks and feels like a metallic foil, on but it is glitter. A strange and wonderful animal, to be sure. This polish feels very "Autumn" to me.

I decided to layer this polish over Sinful Colors Show Me the Way, a beautiful grass green jelly with green and gold shimmer. I can't wait to try It's All About You over other colours like blues, greens, black, red, burgundy... I think I am going to need a backup bottle of this stuff. :D

Okay, on to what you are all waiting for. Pictures. I applied, from index to pinkie one to four coats, to see how it would look with light to heavy coats. One coat looks like Autumn leaves scattered across the lawn four coats looks like a metal foil.


Taken indoors, no flash.

Taken indoors, with flash. 

Taken outdoors in direct sun. No flash.

Outdoors in sun. No flash. 

Out of focus to show the sparkle plenty. Taken in the sun, if I remember correctly. Please click any picture to get a better eyeful of the shimmery, glittery goodness.

So, my dears, what do you think? Do you like this polish? Will you go buy a bottle and try it over all kinds of base colours?

Thank you for popping in. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble. :D

Manicure of the Moment

Hello there. :D How's tricks?

Today's manicure is a simple one. Orly Lemonade. Soft, sweet, gentle yellow creme. This polish requires three coats to be smooth and opaque. Top coat helps even more. I love this polish. In spite of needing three coats, it is easy to work with and the happy sunshine on the tips of my fingers is definitely worth a little extra effort.

Forgot to add that this polish is also very easy to clean up. So if you are a sloppy polisher like I am, never fear. A few minutes with a cleanup brush and a little acetone and no one will ever know.  ;)

Taken indoors without flash. 

I decided to apply a decal on my left ring and right index finger nails. Sometimes, Seche makes these decals lift and bubble under the top coat. That happened today and I had to press them back down flat. Bleargh. :p

What is your favourite yellow polish? 

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a terrific day and may your polish never bubble.

Manicure of the Moment

And I do mean, of the moment. Today's offering is Amour in Central Park Green. This crap is no lovely day in the park, gentle readers.

I do believe it is impossible for me to overstate how much I loathe this polish. From the frosty, brushstroke madness to the cuticle drag to the mad bubbling to the fact that it settles right down into my ridges and just makes my nails look sooo good *sarcasm* to the almost tortuously long dry time.

The one thing I do like about this polish is the colour. Teal green. The brush and handle were nice, too. The handle is rubbery and nice to grip and the brush is OPI-ish wide and applies polish in the right spot. Oh! And it was easy to clean up. It cleaned away at the touch of my cleanup brush. I had opaque in two coats. So, a very few things that were pretty nice about this polish. Not enough to save it's life, tho. Not by a long shot.

I won't be keeping this polish around to wear. One of these days, when I have some time to waste, I'll grab some acetone and clean the bottle and brush and free it up to use for decanting a much loved polish from a nasty bottle and brush or base or top coat or cuticle oil or maybe even a franken. (Provided I ever succeed in making a wearable franken, again. I am not holding my breath... Even tho I do look rather well in blue, if I do say so myself. ;) lol)

Prepare yourself for the horror show.Don't worry, I am only going to make you look at two pictures. You might want to send the kiddos out of the room and hide your pets, tho.

This polish is teal green but it photographs blue. Must have some duo-chrome pigments in it.

Indoor light, no flash.

Indoor light, with flash. No sun pics, it is cloudy today. Look at all of those lovely bubbles and deep ridges. *more sarcasm*

Sadly, I have to leave this mess on for at least today. I just don't have time to redo my nails, today. I can tell you that I can't wait to get rid of this manicure. I almost want to claw it off, without waiting to remove it properly. lol

I had a nail mishap, today. Two... actually. One, I was covering my grill and picked up a rock to weight the plastic and it slipped and dropped, taking a tiny corner of my right thumb nail. Not great but not a big deal. It was easily filed smooth and touched up and didn't even show. Then later, I went to get my laundry basket out of my closet and when I tried to slide my door closed, it resisted and my thumb nail (the right, again!) dragged hard and peeled a long, "door" on my free white edge. Argh!!!! I soaked off my polish and discovered that it was just a layer so I was able to just glue it back down. Didn't even need a patch. I was going to repaint my thumbnail the colour I was wearing but I messed up a couple of other nails, trying to remove and repair, so I just cleaned off all of my nails and painted them the colour I posted, today.

So, there you have it. Mama is having a bad nail day. lol It happens, now and then. I want to thank you for stopping by, have a great day and may your polish never bubble. :D

Manicure of the Moment

Good afternoon.

Today's nail look is one of the new Finger Paints Autumn collection. Autumn Moonlight is a beautiful blue shimmer packed black jelly. Opaque in two coats. Topped with Seche, of course. :D The colour is dark but doesn't look black. It stays blue. The formula is nice. I, of course made a mess of things and had to do a lot of cleanup. In fact, I got a little over enthusiastic and made my gaps pretty wide. It is hard to see in person but in close up photos, they look immense. lol

Indoors no flash.

Indoors, no flash.

With flash. Click the pics to enlarge if you feel so inclined. :)

No sun pictures, today. It is deeply cloudy, today. We had a rock and roll thunderstorm, earlier. Wind thunder, lightening and a ton of rain pounded down outside. And poured onto my kitchen floor through the ceiling light fixture. Urgh! We have a call in to the landlord. 

 So, there you have it. My nails, today. Thank you for stopping in, have a wonderful day and may your polish never bubble.


Hello nail nuts. (I mean that only in the most loving way... ;)) Are you all melted into puddles, yet? This Summer is hothothot. I for one am sooo ready for Fall. Just think... Cooler, brisk air. Changing leaves. Crisp, sweet, shiny apples. Pumpkins. The smell of wood smoke from fireplaces and wood stoves fragrant on the air. Hallowe'en. Thanksgiving. Cinnamon. Sweaters. Comforters on the beds. Reading a book by my fireplace. Dry cool air that doesn't bubble my polish. Ahhh...

I just came back to the present. It is still Summer. It is still hothothot. Waaaahhhh!!!!!!

Okay, on to the reason why I am here. Sinful Colors Show Me the Way. A slightly murky grass green jelly packed with lovely green and gold shimmer. The formula is pretty nice, but this polish is a tad on the sheer side. I had to apply four coats to get it opaque as I wanted. If I were to layer something over this, I can use fewer coats. (Why yes, there are pics of such coming up in a future post, thank you for asking. :D)

Indoors, no flash. 

Outdoors, in full sun.

Outdoors in full sun. Feel free to click the pics to get the full on shimmer effect. 

I like this polish. A lot, actually. I am not nutso about four coats, but I can live with it. As my mother is so fond of saying, we must suffer to be beautiful. And if I have to suffer a little to wear that beautiful polish, so be it. Bring the pain. :D

Okay, my lovely little raindrops, I must be running along. Things to do. And I need to catch last night's Big Brother online, since for some reason, my frakking DVR decided to be a royal shit head and not record it. Grrr! 

Thank you for stopping in, have a terrific day and may your polish never bubble. 

Manicure of the Moment

Hello you fab ones. How is your week going? :D

Today's manicure is an old OPI polish that has been living, unloved and unused in my polish stash for years. I think I wore it twice? maybe? Since I bought it several years ago. This is OPI I'll Take the Cake. A soft, soft, sheer, squishy pink with shimmer. This polish couldn't be opaque if it were paid to try. And I have no need for it to be. VNL doesn't bother me with shades like this. This polish would be pretty as part of a French manicure.

The formula of this polish is typical OPI fabulous. I had some cuticle flooding, but I blame my polish "skills" more than the enamel. I applied three coats and topped it with Seche. There is a little bubbling, courtesy of the stupid, nasty humidity that we have hanging around, right now. *sigh* I tried to get sunshine pics to really show the shimmer but the cloud cover just didn't allow for it.

I don't know why I thought I didn't like this polish, why it sat, unloved for so long. I think I will be using it more, now.

Indoors, natural light, no flash.

Indoors with flash. Actually, I think this is the one sunshine pic of this polish I managed to get before the clouds ate the sun. 

With flash, indoors.

Outdoors, diffused light, no flash. See how squishy? :D

Outdoors, no flash. 

Pictures are clickable, if you are so inclined. :)

Eeep! Bad gap job, there. Sorry about that. I normally get it more even than that.

I am working on a glitterbomb franken. I'll swatch it when I get it shaken up to my satisfaction and have enough cotton rounds/balls to clean my nails after swatching. 

Thank you for taking a few out of your busy day to drop in. Have a great rest of your day (or night as the case may be ;)) and may your polish never bubble.

We Have a Winner!

I want to thank everyone who came to my blog, became a follower and entered my giveaway. I truly appreciate everyone who takes a little time out of their busy day to stop in and read my natterings about nails. That you would want to follow me and even some of you add me to your blogroll is huge. :D

Okay, now the reason we are all here. Without further ado, may I present the winner of my Sinful Little Giveaway. Drum roll, please!

***Stardust Stephanie ***

I will be contacting you by e-mail, A.S.A.P.

This giveaway was a lot of fun and I hope that I can do another one, in the not too distant future. I would like to be able to afford to offer even better prizes and include my international fellow nail fans, as well. :D

Manicure of the Moment

Hey there. Hope that you are having a good one. :D

I had to remove that manicure from yesterday. It was too thick, too soft, too... Too. And it smelled funny. Ack! It had to go. I had to do robo fingers to get all the layers and the Fairy Dust off. Luckily my patch survived.

I decided that something simple and easy was just what I wanted. so I applied two easy coats of Orly Snowcone from the Orly Sweet Collection. Two coats to opaque. You superduperninjapolishers could probably get it in one. I can't. lol I topped this with Seche, of course. :) I love this colour, dark sky blue creme. Sweet and gentle, this is a happy, fun colour to wear.

From the top: Indoor light, no flash. Indoor light with flash. And outdoors in sun, no flash.

Thank you for stopping by. Have a good one, folks and may your polish never bubble. :D

I almost forgot! My giveaway closes tonight at 10:00 MST. 

Manicure of the Moment

Hello there. How'z things? :D

Today's mani is a simple one. Orly La Playa topped by China Glaze Fairy Dust.

I had applied two coats of La Playa and a coat of Seche and ended up with some bubbling. Stupid humidity! So I decided to cover them with a little silvery holo fun. Two coats of Fairy Dust and a last coat of Seche. I like it but my nails are really, really thick, now. lol

I had to file my nails down, today. I took off my polish and found a nasty little tear at the beginning of the free edge on my right ring finger. I applied a patch then decided to file my nail down to reduce stress on it while the tear and patch are growing out. Hopefully I can limp it along until it grows to my ends. I can't run around with one shorter nail, so I filed all of my nails down. I am a little sad. I was really enjoying my former length. But I knew it was only a matter of time before I got a break and had to let them go. My nails are just too delicate to hold up at longer lengths for very long.

Oh well. I will enjoy growing them out, again. :D

These pictures were taken in indoor light, with flash and outdoors in cloudy, diffused outdoor light. The sun is hiding, today. Bottom pic is blurred to show the holo, multicoloured goodness. Click to make them bigger. :D

Methinks this mani is going to be drying and curing for a long, long time. Oh, and I forgot about glitter removal and the patch on my nail. Things could get ugly when I go to soak this stuff off. *sigh*

Thank you for stopping by. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble. Or your top coat, for that matter... lol

Review: Sinful Colors Snow Me White

Ah... It is the polish fanatic's Holy Grail. The perfect white polish.

This isn't it. But, Sinful Colors Snow Me White isn't a bad lower priced white polish. Like most white polishes, it can be a bit... Rubbery, stringy and thick. But it is less so than a few other white polishes I have tried to use in the past.

I needed three coats of this polish to get a smooth, even finish all over my nails. The first coat went on very nicely, if a little unevenly. The second coat was streaky. The third smoothed everything out very nicely. A coat of top coat finished it all off and added shine. All in all, not too shabby. Not perfect, by a long shot. But not too shabby.

I don't use white polish often, mostly for occasional French manicures, so this polish will do me nicely for a while.

Indoors, low light, without flash. You can see a tiny bit of streaking, but overall, I think that the finish is pretty good, for a white polish. 

With flash. Wow! How bright! Like over bleached teeth under a spotlight. ^^

(Okay, okay. I know... Meow!)

So, there you have it, a halfway decent, budget priced white polish. 

Still need to search for that Holy Grail "perfect white". Anyone have Indiana Jones's phone number?

Thanks for dropping by. Have a terrific day and may your polish never bubble. :D

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Pretty blue stuff to be won. :D

Since Everybody Else is Doing It...

I thought that I would post a "franken" too. I put it in quotes because my rare frankening attempts aren't anything to really write home about. I have tried it four times and had two work out to be wearable. In my case, simpler is definitely better. lol

For this polish I mixed some Revlon Vixen and some very old Avon Quick Dry polish in Juicy Plum. I added a couple of drops of black then shook the high holy hell out of it and let it settle for a few days. I gave it a good roll, just before application. Sorry I don't have a recipe for this shade; I franken like I cook. I just grab shit and start throwing it all together and see what happens. Sometimes it works and sometimes the dog eats really well. (No, I don't feed failed frankens to my dog... lol)

This turned out a burgundy jelly that dries looking kind of like a creme. It was opaque in two coats, tho I did end up with a couple of thin spots. Probably should have done a third? Slightly squishy and mad, mad shiny. Seriously, this polish is as shiny on it's own as it was after I applied Seche. Easy to control; even I, the sloppy polisher didn't have a ton of cleanup. Just a little refining, really. Dry time was good. I don't know about wear, yet as I haven't worn it as a full manicure. I will post when I do, tho. 

I mixed this polish and photographed it in an old China Glaze bottle. After I took pics, I dumped out a bottle of much hated Sally Hansen base and top coat combo gloop that was terrifyingly bad (IMO) and dumped my franken in that bottle so that I could take advantage of the much nicer brush.

Anyhoozle, on to the peechurs!

 Taken indoors, in natural light through my window, no flash.

With flash, indoors.

Outdoors in direct sun. No flash. I have a little wrinkling at my cuticles... I think I did clean up a little too soon. Should have waited a few more minutes, methinks.

 Out in the sun.

 And, again. 

 So... What do you think. Yea? Nay? Give it up? lol 

I need to name my creation, don't I? Hmmm... I'll have to think of something before I wear it as a full mani. And yes, I do have to name it. Unnamed polishes are like unnamed children, puppies or kittens. Just wrong.
Okay, is anyone else having the devil's own time uploading and captioning pics? Or is it my browser? Because I have to tell ya... The last few days this feature isn't behaving well, at all. And I am about ready to open a can of whoop-ass on either Blogger or Firefox. Grrr!

Thank you for popping by. I hope that your day is/was fabulous, happy and productive. Take care and may your polish never bubble.  :D

Manicure of the Moment

The "Blackberry Manicure".

I have seen this manicure on Megan Chair's Blog and for some reason I really liked the idea. The "Blackberry Manicure" is all of your nails done in a solid colour then your thumbs, only painted in really glittery polish so that they flash when you are texting. Today I decided to do one of my own. I used Sinful Colors Gogo Girl and Sally Hansen Strobe Light glitter polish.

Sinful Go Go Girl is a red jelly-creme in a beautiful clear true red. The formula is easy for me to control and I didn't have to do much clean up. This polish is lovely and shiny even without top coat, tho of course, I applied one. ;) My only gripe with this polish is that it is pretty sheer. I applied three coats and still have a bit of VNL in certain light and at certain angles. I should have done four coats but I do have other things that I am needing to be doing. lol I applied two coats to my thumbs then applied two coats of Strobe Light on top. I topped all nails with Seche. 

I need to go shopping for reds that give me better coverage. I have my eyes on a few. Just need to get the extra money so I can go get them. :)

Okay, all you texting queens out there, would you wear a mani like this?

Goofy me, really. Wearing this manicure. I have never sent a text message in my life. lol (I think that half of my readers just fell out of their chairs in shock... heh heh.)

Thanks for popping in. Have a great day, stay cool and may your polish never bubble.

Manicure of the Moment

Greetings, fellow nail enthusiasts. How is your week shaping up?

Today I have a polish job that I am not sure how I feel about. Sally Hansen HD in Hi Def. Not so impresses, actually. I like the colour. Lime green fun. But the polish isn't my fave. It is sheer, I applied three coats and at some angles, it is opaque but at others, I have wild VNL. It is frosty-shiny and shows some brush strokes. Application was okay. This polish is easy for even this sloppy polisher to handle. I had not too much clean up to do. For me, anyway. lol

Drying time is long with this polish. Now, to be fair, it is a nasty humid day and that may have something to do with it. But even with Seche, Hours and hours later, there is a slight tack and when my nails hit together, they stick ever so slightly. Maybe this is a polish best applied and worn in dryer weather? I might have to try that. :D

Two pics to show. First one is in natural indoor light and the second in flash. I am sorry that there is no sunshine pic. But there is no sun, today. It is a Monsoonalicious day and deeply cloudy.

Nekkid nails. I wore white polish under my neon violet and call me crazy, but my nails look brighter and not as stained. My ring finger nail needs to be evened off but by the time this pic was taken I had already applied base coat and didn't want to remove it, file then reapply it. Lazy slag, I am. lol

The polish bottle is my China Glaze Strong Adhesion base coat. Love that stuff. It works great for me. But I dislike the brush for base coat application. So, I dumped out that nasty Sally Hansen White On! and cleaned out the bottle with acetone and now I have a bottle and brush I like better for my base coat. :D Ew! I just saw all the fingerprints and smudges on the bottle. Sorry about that.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope that you are having a terrific day and that your polish never bubbles. :D

Manicure of the Moment

Hello my little raindrops. How has the weekend been?

Same old, same old, around here. Housework. Husband watching the Cubbies self destruct... The usual.

Today I remembered why neon polishes and I are not close, personal friends. Neon polishes are a royal pain in the ass. I don't work well with them and they know it. They don't like me and they torment me. Today's little torture giver is Sinful Colors Dream On. A lovely true blue-red violet neon. Pretty colour. Nightmare formula. I applied three coats over one coat of Sinful Snow Me White. Not the worst white polish I have had to work with. Especially after the hell of Sally Hansen White On.

But I digress.

I added some pretty decal stickers sent to me by Viva La Nails. I like these decals. They were really easy to use and I was able to place them to cover my still oh so faint VNL. Decorative and practical. :D Then I topped the whole thing with Out the Door topcoat.

It came out looking okay-ish. But this isn't my favourite mani.

Photographing this colour was an exercise in futility. It didn't come even close to the true colour.

Top photo is taken without flash. Bottom with flash. No sun pictures since there is a storm a brewing out there.

I don't think this one is long for this world. And when am I going to remember that neons and I don't work and play well together? lol

I hope that you are all staying cool. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.

The nail art supplies used were sent to me by the company for consideration and review.

Bloggy Love!

I was tagged for a couple of blog awards, recently and I really appreciate both of them so much.

Thank you, Katherine!

I am supposed to share some random facts about me. Urgh! This is so not easy for me. lol

Okay here goes:

I am deathly afraid of heights. I am talking I start shaking two rungs up on a step ladder. I have been known to freak out seeing high places on TV and movie theatre screens.

I was nearly killed in a horseback riding accident when I was seventeen.

I am a reality TV junkie. Real Housewives, anyone?

I cry like a big old blubber baby every time I see the scene in Casablanca where everyone in Rick's is singing the Marseillaise. (If I misspelled that, I apologise. My spell check says it is right...)

I like chocolate but good caramel will make me float like Scooby Doo after he gets a Scooby Snack.

My favourite place in the entire world is by the ocean. Preferably where it is raw, wild, deserted and cold.

The day my son was born and placed in my arms for the first time, I finally learned what it felt like to have your heart burst from sheer joy.

Thank you, Karen D!

I a to share one thing I like most about my blog.

That it enables me to participate in giving and receiving information, ideas and wild, evil enablement. Meeting and corresponding with so many really terrific people isn't half bad, either. :D

Now, the normal way to pass these awards along is to tag the recipients. I am going to be a rebel. I am going through a phase, right now. So I am going to offer these awards to anyone who would like to have them. Snag them, share some things about yourself and pass them along.

Manicure of the Moment

Hi everyone! I hope that you are all staying cool, in the height of the Dog Days. Today I have a new to me manicure. OPI I'm India Mood For Love, three coats and one light coat of Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure. All topped with Seche. What a pretty combination this turned out to be. I normally wear HT over black, dark green or blue. But I have been seeing it in gals' blogs over lighter colours. Brilliant pinks, corals, golds and yellow. So I decided to try it, myself.

Pink transforms a layering polish that can look very edgy and metallic over deep shades into something delicate, almost ethereal. Rather than copper, green and teal it is rose gold, gold, pink and purple/lavender. The metallic shimmer is less obvious but just as beautiful and eye catching. I can't stop looking at my nails.

I took over ninety pictures. And I have decided to spam the hell out of the post with the twelve best ones. Even with all of these shots, I never quite captured this combination as it looks in person. Please to forgive my dry skin and cuticles. I am a moron who has yet to learn how to moisturise before taking pictures without making a smeary mess of everything. For me it is clear pics and dry skin or moisturised cuticles and goop all over the place. lol

One of my best shots, indoors without flash. All shots were taken without flash, in fact. :)

OPI I'm India Mood For Love, one coat Out the Door.

Under fluorescent light.

Outdoors in part sun. Stupid clouds building up and covering the sun, just when I want to take polish pictures.

Indoors without flash.

Outdoors in direct sun.

Outdoors in shade.

The claw, in indoor light.

Closeup on thumbnail shows the flakies nicely.

So, what do you think? Good mani? Bad mani? Too frakking many pictures? lol

I see that I have 95 followers, now! I will be shopping for my first giveaway, this weekend. I can't wait. This is going to be fun. :D

Okay, then. I think that I would like to cruise around and check out what all you nail nuts have been up to. :D Thank you for popping in. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.