Bloggy Love!

I was tagged for a couple of blog awards, recently and I really appreciate both of them so much.

Thank you, Katherine!

I am supposed to share some random facts about me. Urgh! This is so not easy for me. lol

Okay here goes:

I am deathly afraid of heights. I am talking I start shaking two rungs up on a step ladder. I have been known to freak out seeing high places on TV and movie theatre screens.

I was nearly killed in a horseback riding accident when I was seventeen.

I am a reality TV junkie. Real Housewives, anyone?

I cry like a big old blubber baby every time I see the scene in Casablanca where everyone in Rick's is singing the Marseillaise. (If I misspelled that, I apologise. My spell check says it is right...)

I like chocolate but good caramel will make me float like Scooby Doo after he gets a Scooby Snack.

My favourite place in the entire world is by the ocean. Preferably where it is raw, wild, deserted and cold.

The day my son was born and placed in my arms for the first time, I finally learned what it felt like to have your heart burst from sheer joy.

Thank you, Karen D!

I a to share one thing I like most about my blog.

That it enables me to participate in giving and receiving information, ideas and wild, evil enablement. Meeting and corresponding with so many really terrific people isn't half bad, either. :D

Now, the normal way to pass these awards along is to tag the recipients. I am going to be a rebel. I am going through a phase, right now. So I am going to offer these awards to anyone who would like to have them. Snag them, share some things about yourself and pass them along.