Manicure of the Moment

Hello my little raindrops. How has the weekend been?

Same old, same old, around here. Housework. Husband watching the Cubbies self destruct... The usual.

Today I remembered why neon polishes and I are not close, personal friends. Neon polishes are a royal pain in the ass. I don't work well with them and they know it. They don't like me and they torment me. Today's little torture giver is Sinful Colors Dream On. A lovely true blue-red violet neon. Pretty colour. Nightmare formula. I applied three coats over one coat of Sinful Snow Me White. Not the worst white polish I have had to work with. Especially after the hell of Sally Hansen White On.

But I digress.

I added some pretty decal stickers sent to me by Viva La Nails. I like these decals. They were really easy to use and I was able to place them to cover my still oh so faint VNL. Decorative and practical. :D Then I topped the whole thing with Out the Door topcoat.

It came out looking okay-ish. But this isn't my favourite mani.

Photographing this colour was an exercise in futility. It didn't come even close to the true colour.

Top photo is taken without flash. Bottom with flash. No sun pictures since there is a storm a brewing out there.

I don't think this one is long for this world. And when am I going to remember that neons and I don't work and play well together? lol

I hope that you are all staying cool. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.

The nail art supplies used were sent to me by the company for consideration and review.