Manicure of the Moment

Greetings, fellow nail enthusiasts. How is your week shaping up?

Today I have a polish job that I am not sure how I feel about. Sally Hansen HD in Hi Def. Not so impresses, actually. I like the colour. Lime green fun. But the polish isn't my fave. It is sheer, I applied three coats and at some angles, it is opaque but at others, I have wild VNL. It is frosty-shiny and shows some brush strokes. Application was okay. This polish is easy for even this sloppy polisher to handle. I had not too much clean up to do. For me, anyway. lol

Drying time is long with this polish. Now, to be fair, it is a nasty humid day and that may have something to do with it. But even with Seche, Hours and hours later, there is a slight tack and when my nails hit together, they stick ever so slightly. Maybe this is a polish best applied and worn in dryer weather? I might have to try that. :D

Two pics to show. First one is in natural indoor light and the second in flash. I am sorry that there is no sunshine pic. But there is no sun, today. It is a Monsoonalicious day and deeply cloudy.

Nekkid nails. I wore white polish under my neon violet and call me crazy, but my nails look brighter and not as stained. My ring finger nail needs to be evened off but by the time this pic was taken I had already applied base coat and didn't want to remove it, file then reapply it. Lazy slag, I am. lol

The polish bottle is my China Glaze Strong Adhesion base coat. Love that stuff. It works great for me. But I dislike the brush for base coat application. So, I dumped out that nasty Sally Hansen White On! and cleaned out the bottle with acetone and now I have a bottle and brush I like better for my base coat. :D Ew! I just saw all the fingerprints and smudges on the bottle. Sorry about that.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope that you are having a terrific day and that your polish never bubbles. :D


  1. I love that green color, too bad the polish itself is a little lacking! lol at wild VNL!

    Also, yeah...what is up with White on? I hate it so hardcore, I am currently wearing a water marble with it but it is seriously the worst white I ever done used! ICK! But, you gave me a great idea, dispose of it and put my CG SABC in it for the lovely soft brush it has!

  2. I agree about Sally Hansen White On. Its has a "gloppy" horrible consistency. What white polish do you recommend? I am fairly new to the polish game and White on is the only "pure" opaque white polish that I have. The others that I own are sheer.

  3. i LOVE that colour!!! i have two from this collection but i've only worn one so far. the shimmer is so pretty!


  4. Veronica, you could try Snow Me White by Sinful Colors. I have a bottle of that and used it under my violet neon the other day. I only applied one coat but I was surprised at how not nasty it was. It wasn't a perfect one coater, by any means but it went on okay and it was a nicer formula than White On!. It still had a bit of the gloopy feel but not as bad. I need to use it a bit more to really judge if I truly like it. Honestly, I am new to white polish, myself. The Sally Hansen was my first bottle of that colour. lol

    Thanks, AggiePigeon. The Sally Hansen bottle and brush are wonderful for my base coat. I am really happy with it. Nice to meet another lover of CG SABC. :D

    Thanks, Sara. :D I also own Spectrum from that collection and I love that colour.

  5. My favorite from this collection is DVD! This is a really pretty green on your hands! :)


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