Manicure of the Moment

The "Blackberry Manicure".

I have seen this manicure on Megan Chair's Blog and for some reason I really liked the idea. The "Blackberry Manicure" is all of your nails done in a solid colour then your thumbs, only painted in really glittery polish so that they flash when you are texting. Today I decided to do one of my own. I used Sinful Colors Gogo Girl and Sally Hansen Strobe Light glitter polish.

Sinful Go Go Girl is a red jelly-creme in a beautiful clear true red. The formula is easy for me to control and I didn't have to do much clean up. This polish is lovely and shiny even without top coat, tho of course, I applied one. ;) My only gripe with this polish is that it is pretty sheer. I applied three coats and still have a bit of VNL in certain light and at certain angles. I should have done four coats but I do have other things that I am needing to be doing. lol I applied two coats to my thumbs then applied two coats of Strobe Light on top. I topped all nails with Seche. 

I need to go shopping for reds that give me better coverage. I have my eyes on a few. Just need to get the extra money so I can go get them. :)

Okay, all you texting queens out there, would you wear a mani like this?

Goofy me, really. Wearing this manicure. I have never sent a text message in my life. lol (I think that half of my readers just fell out of their chairs in shock... heh heh.)

Thanks for popping in. Have a great day, stay cool and may your polish never bubble.


  1. That's HOT! I'd wear it. If I owned a blackberry and was cool enough. lol
    Can you tell me your secret for the perfect edge. How do you do clean up? Your nails are gorgeous & I really enojoy your posts!

  2. Thank you Jen. I don't own a Blackberry, and I am the least cool gal on teh planet. lol But I like the manicure, so I did it. :D

    A clean, neat "picture perfect" manicure is easy as pie. It is all in the clean up. I came across this tutorial last Spring and it changed my polishing life. Suddenly, I could wear dark and bright colours with confidence and not worry about flooded cuticles and polish on the sides of my nails. (I am the sloppiest polisher ever.)

    Here is the URL:

    You are so cool enough to wear this manicure and I think that you should go for it, whether you have a Blackberry or not. :D

  3. I don't text either - too funny - but love this manicure!

  4. I love this mani, the sparkly thumbs are cool. I'v done alot of manis with all of the nails a solid color except one on each hand which has a design. I usually do the middle finger with the design.

  5. I actually really like that idea! I'd do a mani like that. That's a great manicure. I love that red creme!

  6. ah, thats gorgeous! simple but gorgeous :)

  7. So funny you do a blackberry mani and have never texted. And whats funnier is I text over 1000 texts a month and had my head up my butt when I read your post title and thought it was going to be a black berry "colored" lacquer you would be wearing. AND I not only read MeganChair's post on this I also commented that I thought it was a cool idea. I'm REALLY out of it.

    BTW, awesome mani.

  8. OMG, I was gonna type the same exact thing as Lacquer Ware for tips and toes, serious ROTFLMAO!! Thank you for clearing this up for some of us, haha!!! I am totally going to do this.

  9. Go for it, Aggie. I can't wait to see what combination you come up with. :D

  10. OMG - I had the secret ALL ALONG! I've been doing that and it changed my polishing life too - BUT your's are SO perfect! I thought you had an even better trick.
    lol - awesome.

    Thanks so much for the reply though. I'm going to read those directions carefully and practice, practice.

    In case you've never tried it- the brush clean up technique is AMAZING for creating the perfect smile line on a french manicure.

  11. Hmm, maybe I should try this now that I finally got a smartphone and have started typing more with my thumbs. :)

  12. Beautiful! I'm doing it! LOL Thanks for sharing


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