Manicure of the Moment

Hello you fab ones. How is your week going? :D

Today's manicure is an old OPI polish that has been living, unloved and unused in my polish stash for years. I think I wore it twice? maybe? Since I bought it several years ago. This is OPI I'll Take the Cake. A soft, soft, sheer, squishy pink with shimmer. This polish couldn't be opaque if it were paid to try. And I have no need for it to be. VNL doesn't bother me with shades like this. This polish would be pretty as part of a French manicure.

The formula of this polish is typical OPI fabulous. I had some cuticle flooding, but I blame my polish "skills" more than the enamel. I applied three coats and topped it with Seche. There is a little bubbling, courtesy of the stupid, nasty humidity that we have hanging around, right now. *sigh* I tried to get sunshine pics to really show the shimmer but the cloud cover just didn't allow for it.

I don't know why I thought I didn't like this polish, why it sat, unloved for so long. I think I will be using it more, now.

Indoors, natural light, no flash.

Indoors with flash. Actually, I think this is the one sunshine pic of this polish I managed to get before the clouds ate the sun. 

With flash, indoors.

Outdoors, diffused light, no flash. See how squishy? :D

Outdoors, no flash. 

Pictures are clickable, if you are so inclined. :)

Eeep! Bad gap job, there. Sorry about that. I normally get it more even than that.

I am working on a glitterbomb franken. I'll swatch it when I get it shaken up to my satisfaction and have enough cotton rounds/balls to clean my nails after swatching. 

Thank you for taking a few out of your busy day to drop in. Have a great rest of your day (or night as the case may be ;)) and may your polish never bubble.


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