Review: Sinful Colors Snow Me White

Ah... It is the polish fanatic's Holy Grail. The perfect white polish.

This isn't it. But, Sinful Colors Snow Me White isn't a bad lower priced white polish. Like most white polishes, it can be a bit... Rubbery, stringy and thick. But it is less so than a few other white polishes I have tried to use in the past.

I needed three coats of this polish to get a smooth, even finish all over my nails. The first coat went on very nicely, if a little unevenly. The second coat was streaky. The third smoothed everything out very nicely. A coat of top coat finished it all off and added shine. All in all, not too shabby. Not perfect, by a long shot. But not too shabby.

I don't use white polish often, mostly for occasional French manicures, so this polish will do me nicely for a while.

Indoors, low light, without flash. You can see a tiny bit of streaking, but overall, I think that the finish is pretty good, for a white polish. 

With flash. Wow! How bright! Like over bleached teeth under a spotlight. ^^

(Okay, okay. I know... Meow!)

So, there you have it, a halfway decent, budget priced white polish. 

Still need to search for that Holy Grail "perfect white". Anyone have Indiana Jones's phone number?

Thanks for dropping by. Have a terrific day and may your polish never bubble. :D


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