Swatchity Swatch

Hello, fellow polish lovers.

Today I have swatches of three new Finger Paints Fall colours. I ran into Sally to pick up acetone and polish remover and I saw these polishes. They were on special, buy two get one free, plus I had a 20% off coupon. I scored three polishes for seven dollars and change. Sally's had the new China Glaze Vintage Vixen collection, too. Sadly, I didn't have the spare moolah to get them, too. Hopefully I can pick them up, soon. I am positively salivating for them!

Okay, so on to the pictures.

This is Autumn Blaze. I went back and forth between this one and a plum creme. Now, I wish I had chosen the plum creme. This isn't a terrible colour, at all. But it is quite similar to OPI Bastille My Heart. A burgundy jellyish base with magenta microshimmer. This is two coats. Should have done three but it is so nasty and humid today that I feared even worse bubbling than I already had. This photo is taken indoors in cloudy natural light through my window. No flash.

With flash. If you click the pic, you can see the magenta shimmer that is so like OPI Bastille My Heart.

Autumn Blaze and Bastille My Heart. Similar. Not dead on dupes. See that pretty shimmer in both bottles? Looove. :D

A side by side comparison on my nails. Index and ring are Autumn Blaze. Middle and pinkie are Bastille My Heart. I like the colour and formula of the OPI better. Both are two coats. As I said before, should have done three. If you already own Bastille My Heart, I don't think that you really need Autumn Blaze. Honestly, in this case, I think that OPI did this colour better.

Autumn Moonlight. No flash. I am a little more than a little in love with this colour. Black jelly packed with blue shimmer. Oh my! Two coats. Opaque yumminess.

With flash.

This is Harvest Hues. Emerald green slightly frosty shimmer. A tad brush strok-ey but not bad. I can certainly live with it. I think I did three coats, here. I can't remember. And I did these, earlier today. They are right when they say that the mind is the first thing to go. lol

With flash. Pwetty.

These are my first Finger Paints polishes and they won't be my last. I like them. The formula on the burgundy and the green were a tad thick. The blue, a little thinner. These polishes are intensely pigmented and are a bit of a pain to clean up. If you are a sloppy painter like me, be careful or be prepared to spend some time cleaning up after yourself. I didn't use top coat for any of these swatches. I will when I wear them, tho.

I would still like to pick up the grey shimmer and plum creme in this collection.

Okay, so there you have it. My bubbly, too few coats swatches. :D

Have a fabulous day and may your polish never bubble.