Hello nail nuts. (I mean that only in the most loving way... ;)) Are you all melted into puddles, yet? This Summer is hothothot. I for one am sooo ready for Fall. Just think... Cooler, brisk air. Changing leaves. Crisp, sweet, shiny apples. Pumpkins. The smell of wood smoke from fireplaces and wood stoves fragrant on the air. Hallowe'en. Thanksgiving. Cinnamon. Sweaters. Comforters on the beds. Reading a book by my fireplace. Dry cool air that doesn't bubble my polish. Ahhh...

I just came back to the present. It is still Summer. It is still hothothot. Waaaahhhh!!!!!!

Okay, on to the reason why I am here. Sinful Colors Show Me the Way. A slightly murky grass green jelly packed with lovely green and gold shimmer. The formula is pretty nice, but this polish is a tad on the sheer side. I had to apply four coats to get it opaque as I wanted. If I were to layer something over this, I can use fewer coats. (Why yes, there are pics of such coming up in a future post, thank you for asking. :D)

Indoors, no flash. 

Outdoors, in full sun.

Outdoors in full sun. Feel free to click the pics to get the full on shimmer effect. 

I like this polish. A lot, actually. I am not nutso about four coats, but I can live with it. As my mother is so fond of saying, we must suffer to be beautiful. And if I have to suffer a little to wear that beautiful polish, so be it. Bring the pain. :D

Okay, my lovely little raindrops, I must be running along. Things to do. And I need to catch last night's Big Brother online, since for some reason, my frakking DVR decided to be a royal shit head and not record it. Grrr! 

Thank you for stopping in, have a terrific day and may your polish never bubble.