Manicure of the Moment

Hello there. :D How's tricks?

It is a lovely day, here. The wind has shifted and it blew away the humidity and the clouds and the sticky Monsoon feeling from the air. It is now brilliantly sunny, very breezy and the temperature is nearly perfect. No A/C required, thankyouverymuch.

It is a perfect day to show this polish. I recently won a mini franken in a giveaway held by Scandalous and I received it the other day. Since I had a fairly fresh manicure, I waited until it needed to be changed to try this new polish.

As I mentioned, this is a franken and I have absolutely no clue what polishes she used to mix this colour. It is genius. Grey duo chrome colour shifter that shows purple and teal, too. Out in the sun, this polish transforms, morphs into a whole new creature. It goes from just grey to a dark slate grey-blue, the shift hides away behind holographic shimmer that dances in the bright light.

Taken indoors without flash.

Taken outdoors in direct sun, no flash. You can, as always, click the pictures to enlarge and get a real eyeful of just how pretty this stuff is. (Within the scope of my so-so photographic skillz. ;))

This polish is not super shiny, but it is highly reflective. To the point that I was showing up way too well in many of the photos I took of this manicure and I had to jettison those photographs. lol

The formula of this polish is lovely. It was almost a one coater. In the hands of a better painter than I, I believe it could be. In spite of the tiny brush, this polish applied like butter, smoothly, evenly with just a hint of brush strokes, which are so subtle, they don't bother me. I topped this with Seche, of course. :D

I want a big bottle of this polish. I want a fifty-five gallon drum of this polish. I know that I won't ever get them... This is a special little bit of pretty that I am going to make last as long as I possibly can and enjoy to the fullest. Thank you again, Scandalous. You hit a home run on this one. 

Okay, there you have it. Thank you so much for popping by, today. I hope that you enjoyed the pictures. Have a terrific day and may your polish never bubble.