Manicure of the Moment

ARRRR!!! Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day to ye, ye landlubbers!

Today's manicure is one I am not sure how to feel about. I used Sinful Colors Rise and Shine. A Kelly green creme bordering on neon with hidden silver shimmer.

I want to love this polish but I am having trouble doing so, right now. It isn't so much the colour but the polish, it's self. When I opened it, the polish on the brush wand looked very translucent so I was expecting thin, sheer-ish polish but what came out of the bottle on the brush it's self was thick, gloopy and a bit streaky and unhappy to work with.

I got an opaque finish in two thick, rather unpleasant coats. This polish dries like a neon, to a satin finish. Top coat makes it madly shiny and helps to bring out the hidden silver microshimmer. I think that hidden shimmer is this polish's saving grace at the moment. It is what is making me think that I should give it another chance. Thin it and see if that helps. I might do that. I hate to give up on a polish. I think, deep down inside of me resides a skinflint, just waiting to break free and she wants to give this stuff another chance, too. If, after that it is still a mess, out it goes. In the discard pile. And to hell with the skinflint. lol

Okay, after I painted on two coats of this goop, I topped it with China Glaze Fast Forward. (The jury is still out on that stuff, too. GRRR! I mean... ARRRR!!!) Then I did cleanup and decided to kill off some flower decal stickers I had lying around so I dropped them all over my nails in a random manner. They kind of perk this polish up and I thought it would be fun to do one more blatantly Summery manicure before Fall sets in and I get all Autumnal on my nails. :D

Which reminds me... It is about time to change my blog background, isn't it? :D

ARRR!!! Would ye like to be seein' some pictures then, maties?

Indoor light, no flash. This stuff photographs lighter than it is in person. I think that the white base in so many cremes and neons, lately makes the colour wash out in photographs. Or, maybe I am just nuttier than a fruitcake. lol

This annoyingly unfocused shot is here because it is a tad bit more colour accurate than the other photos. 
ARRRR!!! Me eyes! They can't be a focusin'. Me shoulder parrot is wantin' some glasses.

Outdoors in the sunshine. See the shimmer? The potential of this polish? That is why I am not ready to consign it to oblivion, just yet.

More sunshiny goodness. 

Cropped to get a closeup on the bottle and the shimmer. ARRR!!! As always, you may click any pic to get a better look at the goings on.

I had a loose decal sticker edge on my middle finger nail. I saw it when I started cropping these shots and have since glued it down with a little top coat. 

I really wish I could have captured more colour accurate shots of this polish. It is not minty or even as blue as my photographs make it look. It really is green. And a good little bit darker. 

I wonder if an OTT Light would help. I would like to pick one up one day when I have a few spare sheckles rattling around. It would be nice for photographing my nails on cloudy days and in the Winter when the light is, frankly lousy. 

Okay, so there it is. My manicure of the moment. 

Thank you so much for popping in, maties! Have yerselves a treasure chest filled with beautiful polishes Talk Like a Pirate Day. 

And my yer polish never be a bubblin'. 


(Arrrrren't you glad that this particular day only rolls around once a year?:P)