Paint Transfer! Eeep!

You know how it is... You paint your nails a gorgeous, deep colour, gloss it with top coat and clean it up to look as fabulous as you possibly can.

Then it happens... You are walking down the hall, doing a little housework, making a bed and you brush your hand against the wall, door frame or corner trim and a little while later you look down and there it is. A streak of wall paint on one or more of your nails.

Crap! And double crap! Now what?

Well, for me, it would have meant removing my polish and re doing my manicure. When it happened to me this morning, I thought I would be doing a fresh mani but before I started cleaning my polish off, I thought I would try to just remove the paint, it's self. I tried buffing it off with a cloth. No dice. So, I decided to try a little acetone on a Q-Tip and cleaning it off. I dampened a Q-Tip with acetone and oh, so gently and carefully burnished the transferred paint off my nail. This didn't ruin the finish of my polish, just dulled it, slightly. After application of a fresh coat of top coat, my nail looked just as good as new.

Later after I did all of my housework, I looked at my nails to see how my polish held up to all of the work I did (it held up beautifully, by the way) and lo and behold, two more nails had paint transfer on them. Bleargh! lol

I did the acetone on the Q-Tips thing, applied fresh top coat to those nails and all is well in nail land.

You probably all knew how to do this, already but I thought that if there were anyone who didn't, my experience might benefit you. :D

Okay, thank you for popping in. Have a fabulous day and may your polish never bubble.