Hideeho. How's stuff? :D

It is hot, here. The humidity has crawled back into our life and the clouds are building fast. Of course, this all happened as I started swatching and photographing my minis. *rolling my eyes* It is as if the frakking weather knows when I want sunshine for polish pictures and decides to totally mess up my day.

Anyhoozle, I did get a few sun pics.

And one is of this gorgeous polish. This is from the Ulta Glam-Goth collection. Black Lace is a beautiful, perfect, delicious dark grey creme. Opaque and smooth as silk in two coats, this polish was an absolute dream to apply, in spite of the short brush and squatty handle. It dried mad, mad shiny, with no top coat. Clean up, what little I had to do was a breeze. I am but head over heels in love with this polish and I want a huge bottle of it. Like at least two ounces. If the rest of this collection delights me as much as Black Lace, I definitely have to get another set before they can't be found, anymore.

Taken indoors, no flash. Look at how insanely shiny this stuff is. 

Outdoors without flash, in diffused sun. You can see the sky and clouds reflected in this polish. 

More outdoor shots. This is seriously lovely stuff. I am looking forward to wearing this as a full manicure. :D

No manicure pics, today. I am wearing base coat and nothing else at present. I am debating filing my nails way down. I dropped a heavy bottle of peach tea in my sink, earlier and as it went down it took the inside corner of my left thumb nail with it. It wasn't repairable. I tried so I had no choice but to file it down almost to nubbin. I don't like having one short nail and the rest long, tho with it being a thumb nail it isn't quite as bothersome. I don't know... We'll see. I am annoyed, tho. I just got that nail all grown out from it's last disastrous encounter with a falling object and bam! Grrr! lol

Okay, so I guess that is enough prattling, for now. What do you think of this polish? Do you own it? Lemming it? Wish that behind the times bloggers like me would stop posting pictures of it? lol

Have a fab day, my pets. Take care and may your polish never bubble. :D