Ahhh... Borghese. I have four minis, my first experience with this lovely brand.

Today I am showing Borghese Stellare Notte. (Okay, I just know I butchered the spelling of this name, but I didn't have a written reference, I am trying to fly from memory. Spelling aside, this is pretty, pretty, pretty polish. Now, I know that I am not telling you something you didn't already know. This polish has been blogged all over the place and back again. But I am so gassed with it, I am showing it, again.

Grey. Like a Tahitian pearl. With a multicoloured orient in tones of teal and purple, even some blue and green. Easy to apply, easy to clean up. Amazingly nice brush for a mini. I need a full sized bottle of this polish.

I need a huge bottle of this polish.

These were taken indoors, with flash and outdoors in direct sun. This polish shifts and changes with the light and at different angles. It is magical and I am in love with it. Please click the pictures to get a close up of the pretty.

Thank you for popping in. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble. :D