Hello lovebugs.

Today I have a swatch of a polish that I wanted so. much! to love but I just can't like it. It is another Borghese, but because it is a mini, I don't know what the shade name is.

Please click to get a better look at the sparkly. :)

Brown base with silver, gold and red glitter. Four coats to get it opaque. I suspect it would make a better layering polish. If I were inclined to wear it, again. Which I won't. The little bottle will just grace my mini carousel. 

Thank you for stopping in. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble. :D


  1. I would be curious how and with what that you'd layer this with?

  2. Lacquer, I don't know... What would look good with that? I am stumped. lol

  3. I actually like that color. It's rare to find a brown with glitter like that.

  4. I like it too! Is it a new polish? I didn't even know Borghese made minis.

  5. Steph, brown glitter isn't a common polish, is it?

    Ali, I won this in a giveaway, but I have seen Borghese mini collections at my local Walgreen's. You might luck into one, there. :)


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