Call the Waaaaahhhhmbulance!

I knew I needed to be careful, I knew that the slider window in my dining room can be stiff and I have to pull it carefully. I wasn't. I didn't.

I ended up with this:


*sigh*  I was cosing that damned window and it stayed in place and my hand kept on going and since my fingers were curled around the frame, my middle and ring fingernails on my left hand were ripped right down nearly to the quick. I was madder than a wet hen and the air turned blue with my expressions of dismay. Sadly, bits of my nails went flying and I couldn't find them, and the tearing of my middle finger nail made repair an impossibility. When I break nails, I do it right. lol

As you can see in the above photo, my middle finger nail got the worst of the event. It tore very badly and it was impossible to even it out, completely. If I had attempted to get it any more even, I would have drawn blood. In a week or so, it should be grown out enough to even it out. Until then, it is pale pink all the way.

I am so disappointed. My nails were just getting to feeling a little long, again and I was happier with them, then this happened. I thought about possibly leaving the rest of my nails long, but I just couldn't. Having two nubbins and eight longer would have driven me insane.

*heavy sigh*

Ah well. Such is life. And my nails will grow. They always do. But I am starting all over for the second time in just weeks and I am not all that thrilled about it.

Okay, on that depressing note, I am going to go. I think I will cheer myself up by checking out your blogs and looking at your lovely pictures.

Thank you for popping in, have a great night and may your polish never bubble. And be careful when closing those windows, girls. ;)