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Mr. Fabulous

Greetings my little gumdrops. I don't have a nail look to share, my mani from yesterday is going strong. So, rather than my nails I thought I would, instead share a little bit about and some pictures of my kitteh, Marley. Marley became a member of our family in the late Fall of November 2006. He was just a scrawny little baby cat, maybe five months old or so living outside our house. He would come up on our deck under the overhang and sleep curled up in a chair, trying to get warm. My husband would go out there early, to take the dog out and the cat would run, but hang out, under the deck, meowing. Suckers and softies that we are, I decided to try to feed the poor little thing. I figured, if nothing else, good food might help him to fight off the cold and make it through the Winter. I started feeding him, then I decided to go outside and see about making friends. It took time, patience and many, many hours hanging out in the biting cold and frigid wind but slowly My Little Oran