Manicure of the Moment

Hello all. I hope that you had a terrific weekend and are all fired up for your new week ahead. :D

I am sorry I am not posting here as often as I would like. My nails are still tragically short, (to me) and they are just... boring, really. And since they are so short, polish seems to last a little longer so I am not chancing it as often. Add to that being busy and my little nail blog is feeling kind of lonely, these days.

I hope to change all that, soon. :D

Okay, now to get down to the reason why I am here. To post my latest. When I was getting ready to do my nails, I chose Finger Paints Autumn Blaze. But, by the time I had cleaned off my old polish and had my base coat (China Glaze Strong Adhesion and Seche Clear Base mixed together) I changed my mind. I wasn't really in the mood for a dark colour or red, for that matter. So, I just did three coats of Orly Ridge Filler base coat as my polish. I applied three coats, then topped it with a coat of Seche.

I kind of like it. It is a soft ivory white. Not at all stark or blinding, as some whites can be. It kind of reminds me of Navajo White wall paint, actually. It applied pretty nicely, but I needed all three coats to get it as smooth as it came out. I probably could have used a forth coat but I just didn't have time to do that. So I contented myself with three.

May I just mention, very quickly that I am not happy with this new photo uploader? It is a PITA! It uploaded then lost a pic that I then had to re-upload. Then when I got both shots uploaded, I inserted the first pic and the second was gone from the uploader and I had to go fetch it from my puter again and insert it. Gah!!! Blogger, you are killing me!

The bottom pic sows my Seche in a cleaned out OPI bottle. That beautiful Pro Wide brush is the shit for smoothing Seche onto my nails. Seche really needs to think seriously about changing their brush. Fo shizz.

So, gentle readers. What think you? Is using a base coat as polish a go? No go?

Would you rather be eating tacos?

Mmmm... Tacos...

I seriously can't wait for my nails to grow out and the time I can even them and feel good about wearing all of my colours, again. *sigh* Note to self: Being more careful of your nails would be a really, really good idea.

Okay, I am off to stalk *follow!* my new followers. Welcome! I am going to have to start giving some thought to a 200 follower giveaway, won't I? ^^

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a great evening and may your polish (or base coat) never bubble. <3