Manicure of the Moment

Hello ladies.

It is another beautiful Autumn day here in the mountains in Arizona. About 80 degrees, lightly breezy and brilliantly sunny. Pretty much a perfect day and we are expecting another one, tomorrow.

I have a busy day, today but I did find time to do my nails in between everything I am getting done and I even found a little time to start working on a couple of frankens. (More on that, later.)

Today's mani is Finger Paints Hue Left Me a Message? A very pretty, girlie glitter polish. This is a clear, rosy base packed with rose and lighter pink glitter. It applied easily and cleanup wasn't the PITA I feared it would be. This polish dries semi matte and slightly bumpy. It needs a topcoat to show all the shine and sparkle and smooth it out. I applied two coats, did cleanup and smoothed on a coat of China Glaze Fast Forward. Very sparklicious. I have a little VNL, to get perfect coverage, one more coat would have done the trick but I just didn't have the time.

In the shade.

In direct sun.

And a little video to really show the sparkle: 

I am working on a couple of franken ideas. I did a first draft mix, just a tiny bit of this, a teensy bit of that, test it out. So far, I am happy with where these are headed. Since this is a little more involved then simply mixing two or three no-brainer compatible polishes, I am taking this slow and carefully. I don't want to make a mistake and have to toss expensive stuff. I also need some more supplies... Clear polish and some ballz, for a couple of things.

Here is a look at the preliminary mixes. They aren't final, yet and bubbly and a but rough, since I just mixed on a surface and picked them up with a brush to swatch. 

Rough drafts, but what do you think, so far? Yes? No? Continue? Or am I all wet? lol

I tried these mixes with additional fine holo glitter that I picked up at Walgreen's and while they came out pretty, they were also very bumpy and gritty. Hmmm... Maybe I can add less additional glitter than in the test run. Get additional sparkle without the bumpy and grit. On the other hand, I kind of like the frankens without the additional glitter. Especially the blue one. *sigh* I don't know... Any input is welcome. :D

Well, That is it, for now. Thank you so much for popping in. Have a lovely evening and may your polish never bubble.


  1. I love this color! I think your mixes things look good! You have inspired me to go out and try some fingerpaints because whenever I go to sally's im drawn into china glaze lol. I'm following your blog!

  2. Hi Polish Lava. Thanks for following and your kind words.

  3. I have that polish! I used it with a french manicure. I put that on top of the pink to give it a bit of sparkle. A great bottle to have!

  4. Wow, those frankens are gorgeous! I wish I could buy them in a store! Please post more :)

  5. I love them both as is! Especially the green.

  6. I almost picked up that pink the other day, thanks for the vid! I like the blue franken alot.

  7. I am going to have to try a French with that polish. :D

    So, the frankens are okay, then? Great. I am going to go ahead and finish them as soon as I can.

    Thank you all for your kind words. :D


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