Manicure of the Moment and a Giveaway Alert!

Hello my little raindrops. How are things for all of you? Well, I hope.

It is a grey, chilly, windy day that may begin spitting rain at me at any moment. I love it! This is my kind of weather. It feels like Fall.

Today's mani is pretty standard fare, from me. I decided to apply three coats of Sinful Colors San Francisco, a pretty, emerald green jelly packed with green shimmer. Over the top I slicked on a coat of Hidden Treasure and topped it all with CGFF (China Glaze Fast Forward).

 Three coats of Sinful Colors San Francisco, with no top coat. Taken indoors in natural light.

With Hidden Treasure and CGFF. Taken indoors with natural light.

I couldn't get any sunshine pictures, since there is no sunshine, today. And I deeply apologise for the blurriness of my photos. My poor little camera is on it's last legs, it seems. It is having difficulty focusing, especially in macro and without flash. It is also shutting it's self off after I shoot a few pictures. *sigh* I am just trying to limp it along until I can buy a new one. I just hope it holds out, for a little while longer. 

Well, the hoped for rain has begun to fall. :D I am enjoying it while it lasts. This storminess is supposed to clear out tomorrow, then it will be unrelenting sunshine for who knows how long, from then on. Imagine sunny and 65 to 70 degrees on Thanksgiving, every year. It is just too frakking depressing to contemplate.
Okay, I also have a giveaway to tell you about, if you haven't already entered:

Daily Polish is having a fab giveaway. Click here to travel there.

Here is a pic of the goodies to be won.

Get on over there and enter! :D

Thank you so much for popping by. Have a lovely Autumn day and may your polish never bubble.


  1. I don't think there is a base colour that Hidden Treasure doesn't look great over. I'm always pleased with whatever I layer it on.

  2. I agree. I haven't tried layering over a base that it didn't work. Love this stuff and I still kick myself for not buying both bottles when I had the chance. lol

  3. This is soooooo pretty with Hidden Treasure layered over it! Great job!!


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