Manicure of the Moment

A good Caturday, ladies. I hope that you are enjoying your weekend. :)

Today I have a polish that has been seen a good bit, on the blogs and is one I have had my eye on for a while. This is Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro in Steel Grey. In my opinion, it is more a taupe than a true grey. There is a lot of purple in this polish. I don't really care, tho because I really like it. It is neutral, but not boring. It changes in different light, looking more purple or more grey.

This polish went on pretty nicely. I needed three coats to get it fully opaque. Application was easy and, thanks to that oh-so-wide brush, neater than with many other polishes I own. I had relatively little cleanup and no cuticle flooding. The brush made setting my gap easy-peasy. My only gripe is minor; for a creme, this polish is a tad thin. It left small bald spots and settled into my ridges, necessitating three coats. I suppose if you have very smooth nails or apply thicker coats, two might do you. But this is a minor gripe. I don't mind applying three coats for a polish I like. :)

 Taken indoors in natural light through my window. No sunshine pics, today. Not enough sunshine, today.

 I picked this polish up, this morning while I was in Walgreen's. I had to get a couple of scripts filled, so while I was waiting, I decided to hit the polish section. (Of course! :D) They had Rimmel Lasting Finish for BOGO1/2 price, and I had two one dollar off coupons, so I got two bottles for the price of one. I grabbed a Wet and Wild polish I had been kind of lemming and, Walgreen's was closing out their Borghese, it was nearly half price, last chance. I snagged the last bottle of Stellar Notte. I am so jazzed to finally have a full sized bottle of that polish.

Walgreen's also had my favourite Nivea body wash on sale, two for $5.00, and I had a coupon, buy two bottles, get $3.oo off. So, I got two big bottles for a buck a piece. I also saved a dollar on two big bottles of Dial for Men (two for $5.00) for my hubbs and son and got a package of Arrid anti persperant for ninety-nine cents with a Walgreen's coupon from their flyer. After all of my coupons, I walked out of Walgreen's with my scripts (which, with my insurance cost me nothing) four big bottles of body wash, anti persperant and four bottles of polish for twenty dollars and change.

Golly, I love getting a good deal. :D

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a terrific weekend and may your polish never bubble.