Manicure of the Moment

Hello there, everyone. :)

Today's nail look is coming to you courtesy of Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro in Midnight Blue. *sigh* I kinda love, love, love this polish. Deep, cobalt blue jelly that looks just solid blue in indoor light. Take it out in the sun and shimmer me timbers! Two easy coats applied with that lovely, wide brush gave me almost perfectly opaque coverage with a little squishiness at the tips. It applied surprisingly neatly and I had little cleanup. Good thing, since this is very pigmented and will stain.This polish is lovely and shiny and gets even better topped with Seche Vite.

In the shade and in the sun. 

Indoors in natural, diffused light. 

I tried to do another Hallowe'en manicure. I had this crazy idea that I would use China Glaze Orange Shock Neon as a base colour. From previous experience I knew that it is too sheer to ever get opaque on it's own so I started with three coats of Orly Ridge filler base coat. Then I applied three coats fo the orange neon, then a coat of Seche Vite. It wouldn't dry!!! I moved my hands as if they were made of bone chine for hours and hours. It was still sticky and dentable. I finally coated it up wel with lotion to give some slip and jumped in the shower. And came out with two nails all wrinkled up and one nicked all to hell. *sigh*. Then I tried so smooth it with a wet finger and apply my version of nail art. 

Epic fail. 

I got so sick of my nails and trying to do them that I just cleaned off the mess and coated them in base coat and walked away from my mani basket until this afternoon. I hate it when that happens. 

Here is my failed orange. 

I think it looked great. Too bad it just wouldn't dry! 

Okay, this is long enough. lol Thank you for popping in, my dearlings. Have a wonderful evening and may your polish never bubble.


  1. That orange is BRIGHT. Did it not dry because you had too many layers of polish? I've never had that happen to me with Seche Vite.

  2. Oh, I hate it when that happens! To try and get around it I put on a base coat either hours before the colored polish or the day before to make sure it has dried thoroughly first. Also, I've tried using the same brand of base coat as the color coat if I'm not going to let it dry for hours in between. And some different kinds of polish don't seem to agree with each other when layered and they just stay soft - unless I've let them dry for hours in between layers. I also like to put a white coat underneath neons - fewer layers are needed then. Best wishes!

  3. The midnight blue shade looks really amazing! I hope I can find something close to that here.

  4. I think I had too many coats going and I have had trouble getting that particular neon polish to dry. I think that it just doesn't like me. lol

  5. Seriously your nails looks amazing, I am a big fan of your other blog and never knew about the nail one. I used to go get my nails done every two weeks but now that I am back to work and with two kids, the nail salon is not an option, so I am in the process of growing them out (they are wrecked for the fakes) and I love your color choice above. Is there a favorite brand of polish you like and also how often do you have to repaint?


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