Mr. Fabulous

Greetings my little gumdrops. I don't have a nail look to share, my mani from yesterday is going strong. So, rather than my nails I thought I would, instead share a little bit about and some pictures of my kitteh, Marley.

Marley became a member of our family in the late Fall of November 2006. He was just a scrawny little baby cat, maybe five months old or so living outside our house. He would come up on our deck under the overhang and sleep curled up in a chair, trying to get warm. My husband would go out there early, to take the dog out and the cat would run, but hang out, under the deck, meowing.

Suckers and softies that we are, I decided to try to feed the poor little thing. I figured, if nothing else, good food might help him to fight off the cold and make it through the Winter. I started feeding him, then I decided to go outside and see about making friends. It took time, patience and many, many hours hanging out in the biting cold and frigid wind but slowly My Little Orange Friend and I got to know each other. As we progressed, my husband went and bought him a cat bed to help him stay a little warmer. We bought him food and water dishes and talked about inviting him to become a member of the family.

On December 22 of '06 after several investigative forays just a few feet into my house; peeking a nose, a paw, checking out the area inside right by my back door, Marley came into the house. He ran into my bedroom, went under my bed and that was it. He was in. I called my hubby, had him pick up litter and a litter box and more kitty food and I brought his food and water dishes and his little bed in, as well. Mr. Wild Boy had become a house cat. :D

He howled and yowled a little, but he adjusted to being in very quickly. He litter box trained in about five minutes. All I had to do was see him bouncing his little beak along the tree skirt under my Christmas tree to know that he was looking for a place to go potty. I scooped him up, popped him in his litter box and that was that. All the time I spent outside with him, I not only worked on taming and getting him to trust me, I also taught him manners, never to claw, scratch or bite. To this day, my little man has perfect manners with teeth and claws. :)

It is four years later. Marley is happy, healthy and totally loves us and our dog. The dog tolerates him... She treats him like a bratty little brother. lol Marley still isn't totally domesticated like many cats. He loves us and is well behaved but he is afraid of strangers and will hide when we have company. He used to hide for eight hours. Now, he comes out as soon as they leave. So, he is getting better. lol

Marley sleeps with me, every night. By my feet, or under my covers by my shoulders or curled up on my chest. His warm, purring weight is soothing and can help me fall asleep on a restless night. He loves window sills and watching the neighbours and the kittehs that live in the area. He will sit for hours and watch birds in the trees and bugs parading around and feeling the breeze coming in through the screen. He is funny, spirited, snotty, crazy, weird, and I couldn't imagine this household without him.

 Baby Marley, napping on the sofa in sunshine and shadows.

 What is wrong with this picture? The dog is on the floor and Marley is sleeping right in the middle of her bed.

 "I hear the can opener! She must be opening tuna!" (I was opening green beans, last Thanksgiving. lol)

 "I hear the can opener, again! She has to be opening tuna, this time!" (It was cream of mushroom soup for the green bean casserole. lol)

 "I'm under your covers, hogging your bed and stealing your warm!"

 "How do I grab that water without getting wet?" February 2009, in our current home.

 "My eyes are lasers! Beware!" Hallowe'en 2007.
 "Yes, I am fabulous. Deal with it!" 2008, in the old house in Highland Pines.

Thank you for popping in and reading about my kitteh. Have a lovely day and don't forget to hug your cats. (If they will allow you to... ;)):D


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