Palate Cleanser

Hello there, kittens.

I don't know about you, but sometimes I just need a little light episode, a palate cleanser, if you will in between manicures done in the deep, rich shades I tend to favour. Sometimes I just want to wear pink. Soft, sheer, glass fleck glittery pink.


OPI Princesses Rule! One of my all time favourite OPI polishes. I normally only apply two coats, but today I applied three. I don't think it like it as well with more than two coats. After two coats, it seems to lose that soft, dancing, ethereal, shimmery quality that makes this polish so special. Interesting experiment. Next time, I will keep it to two coats, tho.

I am beginning to run low on this polish, I wear it so often. I definitely need to obtain a backup bottle. :D

Okay, time for my now customary photo dump. These pictures were taken indoors with flash, without flash, in direct sun and in shade.

Topped with Seche, by the way. :D

So, do you have Princesses Rule!? Do you love it? Are you sick of me posting pics of this polish and raving about it? Are you aware that it gets colder than a witch's lunch bucket in Arizona? It never got above 40 degrees, today. I am frozen. Stiff. And I need to go turn my fireplace back on so I can thaw my fingers so I can type and use my touchpad and stop my teeth from chattering.

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a great evening. Stay warm and may your polish never bubble.

Let the Christmas-ey Manicures Begin! :D

Hello kittens. I hope that everyone who celebrates had a great Thanksgiving. And that your food hangovers are easing.:D

Since the day after Thanksgiving starts the Christmas season for me, I thought it was time to start doing and posting Christmas themed manicures. I am not going to do only Christmas-ey, looks but I am going to be playing with my share of red, green and sparkly. :D

Today I used China Glaze Phat Santa as a base. What can I say about this polish that hasn't been said, already? Phat Santa is a beautiful squishy red crelly. Smooth, silky and shiny, shiny. Two coats is all it takes. Two easy, dreamy coats. This polish behaves so nicely I had little cleanup. Yes, me. Little cleanup. Who'da thunk it? lol

On my ring fingers and thumbs I added Milani Jewel FX in Gems. A clear base packed with multi colour, multi sized glitter in red, green and silver. Sooo sparkly. Sooo pretty. Also sooo hard to work with. The brush is crazy making, for me. Too skinny. It didn't distribute the glitter at all evenly on my nails. And the thick, gloopy formula didn't help. I had to go back and add glitter to bald spots. Not too problematic for just four nails, but if I were painting this on all of my nails, I would have ended up quite frustrated. I am going to thin it a bit, next time I use it. Hopefully, that will make it a little more cooperative and pleasant to work with. This is just griping, tho. I certainly don't regret making Gems part of my polish family. :)

Golly, I like this manicure. I keep admiring my nails. I know... Vain, silly. But I just can't help it. :P

Here are pictures. (Don't fear... Only three, today. ;)) They are clickable, if you are so inclined.

Sorry about the smearies. I can't seem to be able to have any lotion or moisturiser on my hands when taking pictures. I just make an unholy mess of everything. lol

I know one thing for certain. I need a backup bottle of Phat Santa. What a beautiful red polish. I can see myself wearing this polish a lot.

Okay, off to find instructions on how to cook spaghetti squash in the microwave. (I know... Me and cooking. This can't turn out well. lol) Thank you so much for popping in. Have a wonderful evening and may your polish never bubble.

Manicure Mattifique

Hello chilly chicas. I don't know about you, but it is cold here. Le Brrr! It is lovely and cloudy but no rain or snow. California sucked all the good stuff out of them, leaving them dry and useless.

Since it is a grey, cold day, I decided to have a little fun with my current manicure. I topped it with a coat of Hard Candy Matte-ly in Love. Ooo! Pretty! Mattifying flakies makes them stand out even more, enhances their colour. I like this look. :D

All photos taken indoors, in cloudy natural light through my window.

I doubt that I will be posting, tomorrow. I have a somewhat busy day ahead of me. But I want to take the opportunity to wish all my fellow American turkey gobbling (or tofurkey gobbling) polish addicts a happy, safe and fun filled Thanksgiving.

Thanks so much for popping in. Have a good one and may your polish never bubble.

Manicure of the Moment: Lubu Heels are a Hidden Treasure

Good afternoon, ladies. How's tricks? It is cold, cloudy and very Fallish, here. I am kind of loving it. :)

Today's nail look is something I am kind of loving, too. Yes, I realise it looks really familiar, yet it is different. I applied two coats of China Glaze Lubu Heels and topped it with a coat of Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure. At a glance, it looks like a typical HT over black mani. Nothing wrong with it, for certain. But it is different. The red glitter fires in bright light, showing through and around the flakies. And, in certain light and angles, actually fires the flakies red. I have never seen HT do this trick, before. And I am entranced. I keep looking at my nails, shifting them back and forth to watch the colours shift from green to gold, to bronze, to deep copper, to red. Then to see the sparks of red glitter fire through it all makes it all the more fun.

I topped this with Seche Vite for extra shine and to help all those coats dry. 

I took over eighty photos of this manicure, trying desperately to capture the red in it's glory. I could see it in person but it was utterly camera shy. I still have eleven to show. I know... Yipes! Another photo dump! But I just couldn't narrow them down any further. So, suck it up and get ready to peruse the pics. :P

As always, they are double clickable. :)

*sigh* I am enjoying using this polish. I can't seem to resist hauling it out, every now and then and try it over yet another different colour. Problem is, one day it will run out. I am still kicking myself for not snapping both bottles up that day. I bought this one and a cafe au lait shade that made my fingers look like boiled lobsters. Dumb. Really, really dumb. Guess I will just have to get me some Nubar 2010. It seems to be similar enough. 

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a great evening and may your polish never bubble.

The Last of the Three Sisters

Hello chickens. :D

It is colder than a witch's lunch bucket, tonight. The temp was falling rapidly around sunset, then it was 32 and now it is in the twenties. Brrr!

A good night, methinks to show you the last of my three latest frankens. This is Rhapsodic. My personal favourite of the three. Dark slate blue packed with scattered silver holo. There is a metallic shift and enough grey in this polish to take it out of the sphere of "just another blue". As with all of my others, pictures don't do this polish justice. Not one little bit.

 I took these pictures in sun, shade and dappled sun/shade. They are double clickable, as always. I will be posting this colour in my Franken Fun page, if you would like to try this formula or do your own version.

As with my other mineral shadow tinted frankens, this one is really easy to apply. It goes on smooth and is easy to control and to cleanup. It also dries a bit satin and needs top coat to fully gloss it out. 

So, there you have it, pets. I don't know when I will next franken. But I think it is safe to say that I have caught the bug and will be doing this again, one day. :D

Thank you so much for popping in. Stay warm out there, girls and may your polish never bubble.

Franken Fun: Green Eyed Blonde

Hello lovies. I hope that everyone is staying warm. It is cold, windy and stormy in my little part of the Great State of Arizona, tonight.

This evening I have another franken to show all of you. I named her Green Eyed Blonde. Don't ask me why... Probably because the only other name that I could think of was Oro Verde and honestly, it just seemed so cliche especially considering the area of the country in which I live. I dunno... I have issues. :P lol

Green Eyed Blonde earned her name because she is a medium green with a bit of duochrome metallic shift to gold. I enhanced that with some True Gold eye glimmer and China Glaze Golden Enchantment. I kind of like this polish. A lot. My photographs don't do it even a tiny bit of justice. Like her sis, Not So Sugary Plum Fairy, she dries satin, rather than shiny but top coat glosses her right up. She is pretty in shade but it is out in the sun where she really shines and sparkles.

Okay, 'nuff bragging. On to the photos. Lots of photos. :D

In Sun

 In Shade

 Dappled Sun/Shade Under a Tree

Photos are clickable, if that is what flips your cookie. :D

Mmmkay... What do you think of my girl, here? Wearable?

If you are interested in the formula to copy or do a variation of your own, it will be posted in my Franken Fun Page, soon.

Okay, I suppose that is all I have, right now. I didn't bother changing my manicure, today. It is still in fab shape, besides it was so dark and grey, photos would have been yuk. Maybe tomorrow. Husband treated me to the Party Hearty three pack from Sally's (sometimes that man just surprises the crap out of me :D) and I am kinda wanting to try them. Or, I might save them for closer to Christmastime. We'll see... I am still trying to find the Wet and Wild holiday glitters. Either my drugstores don't have them in, yet or they got them in and they have already been all snapped up. In either case, I am not amused.

Draz, if you see this, I haven't forgotten about your and Jen's request. I am going to do a page on my nail care and put it in tabs. I should have it up in a day or two. I wanted to do it and get it up, this weekend but I have been a little busy. :)

Okay, chickens. Time to motor. I want to sift through your blogs and see what you nail fanatics are up to. Thank you so much for popping in. Have a great night, stay warm and may your polish never bubble.

Franken Fun

Hello kittens.

Today I have the first of three new frankens. These were easy to formulate and make. I used clear polish and glitter polish and mineral eye colour along with a little lacquer thinner, when needed. Simple. And, I think... Successful.

This is Not So Sugary Plum Fairy. A  slightly blackened plum colour with a subtle diamond shimmer and multi coloured glitter. I applied two coats and a topcoat. Because it is made with mineral pigment, this is almost a one coater. It applied smoothly and was easy to control and to cleanup. It is slightly brushstroke-y, I think because of the formulation? But the brushstrokes aren't obvious or obnoxious. This formula dries a bit satin, to make it shiny it needs topcoat. Which I don't mind, since I always use topcoat, anyway.

Here are the best pics I could get. They are clickable to enlarge, if you are so inclined. 

 Pictures taken in direct sun and the last one in shade.

Sadly, my photos don't show the subtle metallic shift, the fine diamond shimmer and all the pindot sparkle in different colours of pink, blue, red, gold in the glitter. It also misses the greyed quality that keeps this colour from tipping over into "too sweet" or "Grandma" territory. I do wonder if I need to add a bit more black... Grey it out just a little more? Franken-sperts, I would welcome your input, your expertise.

*I seriously need a better camera and lighting. Five megapixels and sunshine alone just can't do the job of capturing nail polishes the way I would like. I think I am getting a little obsessed. Maybe I need a photography class? :P*

A picture and the (approximate) formula for this polish will be posted in my "Franken Fun" page. Feel free to pop in there if you are interested in replicating this colour or taking off on it and creating something similar, but all your own. :)

Okay, so thank you for popping in. Have yourself a great evening, take care and may your polish never bubble. :D