Franken Fun

Hello kittens.

Today I have the first of three new frankens. These were easy to formulate and make. I used clear polish and glitter polish and mineral eye colour along with a little lacquer thinner, when needed. Simple. And, I think... Successful.

This is Not So Sugary Plum Fairy. A  slightly blackened plum colour with a subtle diamond shimmer and multi coloured glitter. I applied two coats and a topcoat. Because it is made with mineral pigment, this is almost a one coater. It applied smoothly and was easy to control and to cleanup. It is slightly brushstroke-y, I think because of the formulation? But the brushstrokes aren't obvious or obnoxious. This formula dries a bit satin, to make it shiny it needs topcoat. Which I don't mind, since I always use topcoat, anyway.

Here are the best pics I could get. They are clickable to enlarge, if you are so inclined. 

 Pictures taken in direct sun and the last one in shade.

Sadly, my photos don't show the subtle metallic shift, the fine diamond shimmer and all the pindot sparkle in different colours of pink, blue, red, gold in the glitter. It also misses the greyed quality that keeps this colour from tipping over into "too sweet" or "Grandma" territory. I do wonder if I need to add a bit more black... Grey it out just a little more? Franken-sperts, I would welcome your input, your expertise.

*I seriously need a better camera and lighting. Five megapixels and sunshine alone just can't do the job of capturing nail polishes the way I would like. I think I am getting a little obsessed. Maybe I need a photography class? :P*

A picture and the (approximate) formula for this polish will be posted in my "Franken Fun" page. Feel free to pop in there if you are interested in replicating this colour or taking off on it and creating something similar, but all your own. :)

Okay, so thank you for popping in. Have yourself a great evening, take care and may your polish never bubble. :D