Franken Fun: Green Eyed Blonde

Hello lovies. I hope that everyone is staying warm. It is cold, windy and stormy in my little part of the Great State of Arizona, tonight.

This evening I have another franken to show all of you. I named her Green Eyed Blonde. Don't ask me why... Probably because the only other name that I could think of was Oro Verde and honestly, it just seemed so cliche especially considering the area of the country in which I live. I dunno... I have issues. :P lol

Green Eyed Blonde earned her name because she is a medium green with a bit of duochrome metallic shift to gold. I enhanced that with some True Gold eye glimmer and China Glaze Golden Enchantment. I kind of like this polish. A lot. My photographs don't do it even a tiny bit of justice. Like her sis, Not So Sugary Plum Fairy, she dries satin, rather than shiny but top coat glosses her right up. She is pretty in shade but it is out in the sun where she really shines and sparkles.

Okay, 'nuff bragging. On to the photos. Lots of photos. :D

In Sun

 In Shade

 Dappled Sun/Shade Under a Tree

Photos are clickable, if that is what flips your cookie. :D

Mmmkay... What do you think of my girl, here? Wearable?

If you are interested in the formula to copy or do a variation of your own, it will be posted in my Franken Fun Page, soon.

Okay, I suppose that is all I have, right now. I didn't bother changing my manicure, today. It is still in fab shape, besides it was so dark and grey, photos would have been yuk. Maybe tomorrow. Husband treated me to the Party Hearty three pack from Sally's (sometimes that man just surprises the crap out of me :D) and I am kinda wanting to try them. Or, I might save them for closer to Christmastime. We'll see... I am still trying to find the Wet and Wild holiday glitters. Either my drugstores don't have them in, yet or they got them in and they have already been all snapped up. In either case, I am not amused.

Draz, if you see this, I haven't forgotten about your and Jen's request. I am going to do a page on my nail care and put it in tabs. I should have it up in a day or two. I wanted to do it and get it up, this weekend but I have been a little busy. :)

Okay, chickens. Time to motor. I want to sift through your blogs and see what you nail fanatics are up to. Thank you so much for popping in. Have a great night, stay warm and may your polish never bubble.