Let the Christmas-ey Manicures Begin! :D

Hello kittens. I hope that everyone who celebrates had a great Thanksgiving. And that your food hangovers are easing.:D

Since the day after Thanksgiving starts the Christmas season for me, I thought it was time to start doing and posting Christmas themed manicures. I am not going to do only Christmas-ey, looks but I am going to be playing with my share of red, green and sparkly. :D

Today I used China Glaze Phat Santa as a base. What can I say about this polish that hasn't been said, already? Phat Santa is a beautiful squishy red crelly. Smooth, silky and shiny, shiny. Two coats is all it takes. Two easy, dreamy coats. This polish behaves so nicely I had little cleanup. Yes, me. Little cleanup. Who'da thunk it? lol

On my ring fingers and thumbs I added Milani Jewel FX in Gems. A clear base packed with multi colour, multi sized glitter in red, green and silver. Sooo sparkly. Sooo pretty. Also sooo hard to work with. The brush is crazy making, for me. Too skinny. It didn't distribute the glitter at all evenly on my nails. And the thick, gloopy formula didn't help. I had to go back and add glitter to bald spots. Not too problematic for just four nails, but if I were painting this on all of my nails, I would have ended up quite frustrated. I am going to thin it a bit, next time I use it. Hopefully, that will make it a little more cooperative and pleasant to work with. This is just griping, tho. I certainly don't regret making Gems part of my polish family. :)

Golly, I like this manicure. I keep admiring my nails. I know... Vain, silly. But I just can't help it. :P

Here are pictures. (Don't fear... Only three, today. ;)) They are clickable, if you are so inclined.

Sorry about the smearies. I can't seem to be able to have any lotion or moisturiser on my hands when taking pictures. I just make an unholy mess of everything. lol

I know one thing for certain. I need a backup bottle of Phat Santa. What a beautiful red polish. I can see myself wearing this polish a lot.

Okay, off to find instructions on how to cook spaghetti squash in the microwave. (I know... Me and cooking. This can't turn out well. lol) Thank you so much for popping in. Have a wonderful evening and may your polish never bubble.