Manicure 2.0

Good morning, gentle readers.

Today's look is just a revamp of my previously posted manicure. Overall, it was in good condition but I had some tip wear on some of my nails on my right hand. Rather than change my polish, altogether, I decided to touch up the nails needing touching up, then added a coat of Sinful Colors All About You. In my mind, this polish is Autumn in a bottle and I thought it would work very nicely over the deep purple base. And the glitter conceals the slight irregularities from my touchups, very nicely. I topped everything with a fresh, shiny new coat of Seche Vite.

Once again, I have lots of pictures. I took a pile and can't choose which ones to post, so I am just going to dump all of the keepers on you. :D

These shots were taken indoors and out in direct mid morning sun.

It is interesting how this glitter can make my nails look green, in spite of the fact that I am wearing no green polish. Kinda fun. And a little weird.  :D

I see that I have new followers. And I am getting dangerously close to 200 followers. I am still kind of gobsmacked that so many people find my little blog interesting enough to come check it out and even click the follow button. And I am grateful. And I need to get out and shop for my 200 Follower Giveaway. :D

ADDED LATER: I am going to have to check out blogs by my new followers later. I have to sign in to this blog on IE (I am a FireFox user) to access the profile for this blog and it is giving me trouble, today. I will get back to it, when I can. Stupid IE. It really does blow. *sigh*  Okay... I finally got it to work. What a pain. But IE is the only browser I can access the profile for this blog in. FireFox automatically brings up my other blog profile... Must be a Google connection thing. Bleargh! So... That is why it takes me a while to get back to new followers.

Okay, I'm off. Thank you so much for popping in. Have a fantastic day and may your polish never bubble.


  1. I just got OPI's "over the taupe" in the mail and am in love with it. Am waiting on "Earthly Harmony" from MAC....

  2. Draz, I have my eyes on Over the Taupe. I love OPI. :D

    Hey, Dee. :) I am so impressed with Sinful. Great price and with few exceptions, lovely polish. :D

  3. Oh love the gold overlay on the nails!

  4. Have you tried google chrome? I switched from firefox and love it (though I left firefox due to lagging).

    I like this layering! It reminds me of fall, slightly red and slightly green and gold.

  5. I love the green tint of this combo!

    Congrats on all the followers its really awesome :D

  6. Dainty, I tried Chrome and it just didn't ring my bell. It lagged, pages wouldn't load... It was almost as bad as IE in that respect. I did love how crisp and clear pages looked with that browser, tho. Maybe I will give it another shot, some time. :)

    Thank you. I like it, too. :D

    Thank you, Tasha. And I think it is wonderful, too. And surpricing. I feel humbled. :)

  7. I really like this, it reminds me so much of the fall!


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